Bocchi the Rock!

Announcement stream starting in less than an hour on Abema

Will likely get a PV and broadcast date today

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Can't wait

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Weird looking Bocc.


Starting in 5 mins

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October 8th is the date

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New key visual

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How gay is she?

You're telling me a middle/high school girl is playing a Gibson Les Paul Custom through a Marshall amp? (That's pretty cool, I'm wondering the actual brands are sponsoring the show)

The production values on this show look insane

Is this the k-on killer everyone was hoping for?

Can someone do a webm of her banging her head on the floor from the pv?

Some really good shots from the trailer

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Good to see that once again fags posting about the PV being close to airing means it must be shit are wrong.

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Bocchi desu

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>Airing Saturdays 24:00 MX・BS11
That is literally Aniplex's power hour time slot, mostly reserved for their big guns like sao and such.

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it's the most popular "new age" kirara manga

Keiichiro Saito...

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