How do dragon ball fans feel about the fact that Toriyama first break out work was moeshit?

How do dragon ball fans feel about the fact that Toriyama first break out work was moeshit?

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gag manga*

True DragonCHADs LOVE Arale.

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What’s the difference, is Lucky Star not a gag manga?

I watched both Dr Slump and Dragonball when it was airing on TV in my country 20 years ago. Them being by the same guy I only found out years later.

Without Dragon Ball coasting on the success of Dr. Slump it would have been axed before the first tournament arc

Penguin Village is in the Dragon Ball universe. Never had an issue. Also, lots of nude Arale loli scenes in Dr Slump

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Dr Slump is a comedy, and although dragon ball is about action and adventure it still has many comedic moments

Wow I just realized that Toriyama must’ve based Bulma off a doodle of a “what-if” teenaged Arale

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That makes a surprising amount of sense, with her father being a bumbling scientist goofball and all.

>female character means it's moe

>OP android protagonist
>Toriyama stated that if Goku and Arale fought, Arale would probably be stronger than Goku
Bro that's just a normal shonen.

I agree. All the more reason to love Bulma

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>What’s the difference, is Lucky Star not a gag manga?
Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo is SO Moe...

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>Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo
The point is being “gag” doesn’t stop something from bein go moeshit. Bobo is non moeshit gag manga, Lucky Star is a moeshit gag anime. And Dr.Slump is….

Imagine Arale licking your sword and then becoming your little gas-powered onahole

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not only that, every single manga he made after DB is gag shit despite Toriyama having a god given talent for action panelling and being garbage at comedy, that's his true passion

Dr. Slump was a gag manga though, not "moeshit."
Dragon Ball also started out as a gag manga with shonen battle essence until around the time King Piccolo appeared and everything got more serious.

Arale is a gag manga MC. She's naturally the strongest character in anything she's in.

So are they gonna make their Arale black in the Dr. Slump Netflix series? It'd be racist of Japan not to.

That's just a meme and doesn't mean anything. She also got her ass handed to her by Beerus.