>SP could've given Hinata her first onscreen win by animating the bath scene
>chose to skip it
What did they mean by this?

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Kill yourself, narutard.

Kill yourself, narutard

Kill yourself, narutard

Kill yourself, Narutard

They had her fight with Momoshiki happen off screen but gave Sakura a filler fight during the Shin Arc. Total bullshit.

So SP are just Sakurafags?

I love Sakura! PINKGANG!

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Ninjutsu 3
TaiJutsu 3
Genjutsu 3.5
Intelligence 4
Strength 3
Speed 3
Stamina 2.5
HandSeals 4
Ninjutsu 3.5
TaiJutsu 1.5
Genjutsu 3
Intelligence 3
Strength 2.5
Speed 2.5
Stamina 2.5
HandSeals 2.5
Why did Ino fall behind Sakura?

Yeah it's weird.

Especially since Ino mogged Sakura physically in part 1:
>Speed: 2.5 vs 1
>Strength: 1.5 vs 1
>Stamina: 2 vs 1.5
>Taijutsu: 1.5 vs 1

Because Kishimoto wanted sakura to win since she's a main character, but that literally makes no senses because Ino mogs sakura under ever statistic, So he had them tie so as to not break SOD.

Sakura should have lost and learned from that, started training to catch up. That'd be an arc.

Sakura couldn't even tie legitimately, and he had to make her have a split personality that's literally never mentioned or referenced ever again afterwards.

The problem with that is that sakura already got her character development haircut in the forest, He couldn't let her lose or all that "development" would be for nothing. Tieing with Ino was supposed to show her "growth"

Sakura deciding to not get left behind by the boys didn't have to translate to Sakura getting a draw against an opponent that should've dominated her both physically and in ninjutsu. This could have been the starting point of her training with Tsunade.


That prolly woulda been smarter. But sakura was never handled smart.

>SP could've animated Kiba destroying one of the meteorites during the events of "The Last".
>chose to skip it
What did they mean by this ?

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Hinata beating Hanabi never made sense anyway

Uh Guys. This is a Hinata thread. can we please stay on topic?

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sure, no problem

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SP hates Kiba. He's a joke to them.