>not in the U149 because she's 17
Poor Anzu can't catch a break.

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What's going on in the last pic?

Why can't 17 into u149?

She was already in CG let the real lolis have the spotlight.

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>12 years old
>not in the U149 because she's exactly 149cm

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She's the same height as the manlet producer.

P's pp in her p

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Anzu is better than all U149 combined
can't wait for Mirakichi's latest Ankira doujin to get scanned

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smelly neet

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That lazy bum deserved it. She always complain about having to do jobs anyway.

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I WILL rape Arisu"onahole"Tachibana.

You've had enough candy for today, Kirari

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The onahole is Anzu though.

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Why is Miria there then?

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Far too many lolis.

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Miria is 11 and 140cm.

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Uhm... did you just post a picture of a naked little girl? She's clearly topless in the bottom right. Are you a sicko fucko?


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God she's so sexy

thats too bad she is my favorite character from that series :(