Dungeon Meshi

We shall SUMMON the september chapter using TOTALLY SAFE AND TESTED magic

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>he doesn't know

Benichidori is nothing but red flags

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Cute Tade

still would

i love this group

I mad Laios did not fuck Marcille

The manga doesn't take place over a long period of time, and Laios and Marcille were really only coworkers before this. How about they go on a few dates first, assuming they both survive this?


Is there even a chapter this month? It's the 14th already and usually we get some spoilers early.

Even then, Marcille would do as her mother and have a second marriage with a long lived race after Lips died.

its out on the 15th, there's a 'spoiler' but it's only one ant-sized page pic.

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That looks like an extra

>the lion is manipulated into desiring to eat itself, now that it's helpless to resist its impulses from consuming so much desire
>the demon is reset back to being like air
>Laios takes over as dungeon lord, and uses his first few wishes to install checks and balances on himself to prevent desires being granted as wishes automatically, plus regular psych evaluations from the canaries
>inspired by what happened with Falin and the other chimeras, Laios creates a sopecies of monster that extends your lifespan when you eat it and another than shortens your lifespan when you eat it, with some internal magic caveats that they only work on the willing.
>He creates another creature that's like a gelatinous cube, but when it absorbs a chimera it splits them back into their original body and the beast they were merged with

What makes you think so? I just assumed we would be getting more demon info this chapter. Maybe from a time way back when one almost escaped.

Though regardless, it's not like there's a new volume out, so we wouldn't be getting any new proper extras for a while now anyway.

> Laios takes over as dungeon lord

I don't think that could happen if the Lion were properly defeated. Dungeon masters in general seem like a bad idea.

Best case scenario IMO is that dungeons still exist in the world but are shrunk down to 'natural dungeon' state rather than gigantic bloated messes run by DM's.

big pigo

i assume the party are in hell? are they naked

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I'm not sure its the main party, this may be a flashback or something to a time back when a demon was worshipped/almost got out into the world like the lion.

The Harta table of contents is already on their twitter, the chapter is 22 pages this month.

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