"Rom coms"

>Say it's a romantic comedy
>isn't funny
Please stop this Japan

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romdram =/= romcom

>See big bang theory on cbs
>description states that its comedy
>It's not funny in a slightest
Please stop doing it USA

Western romcoms aren't funny either.


Seeing N*no lose and her delusional fanbase having a huge meltdown was hilarious though.

pic unrelated?

Is there a romcom that you guys consider unironically funny?


Love Lab is one of my favorite.

kodomo no jikan

That's not.

Will check them out hoping it's not some stupid haremshit with a bland MC.
Thank you bros

>isn't funny

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>rom com
>it just makes you feel empty

>Say it's a romantic comedy
They didn't say that, you did.

Nozaki-kun, early Kaguya, School Rumble kind of.

I think Mikadono Sanshimai is hilarious

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You're supposed to laugh at Yotshitba's pathetic existence

We're laughing at Nino's pathetic existence instead.

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I guess go toubun no hanayome wasn't particularly funny. Also Miku is best.