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Is it true that Konata once said (apparently in the extra chapters of volume 2) she was not into lesbian relationships in real life?

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People finally figured out Konata was just fucking with Kagami and wasn't gay

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based konata

So the manga is coming back?

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>fucking with Kagami
Poor choice of words

Narrative and writing-wise it's still a gay couple even if only one of them is gay and the other is 'just kidding'

Unbelievable amounts of cope.

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>for now

Is this Izumi from the manga?

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I understand a bit why some people thought they might be homo in the anime, but I do not feel it at all in the manga, especially once they've moved to college.
If there is a continuation, do you guys think it should continue where it left off or use a time pass?
>inb4 reboot


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Konata is aroace

Thanks. For some reason, I also thought that it happened in the anime too. But I've searched for it, to not avail.

Konata doesn't want to get into a serious relationship because she's still dealing with the death of her mother and doesn't want her partner (Kagami) to go through what her father did due to likely sharing her mother's condition.
It's easier if you just pretend it's all fun with your girl friends.

I liked Izumi. I hope that she gets more panel time.

Who is your favourite Lucky Star character? Mine is between Miyuki and Yutaka. I like how kind and innocent they are.

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yurichads stay winning

Tsukasa is thinking.

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Not anymore.

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I really like this image of Miyuki that I found.

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