Are rape gangs who are employed by women to attack other women they don't like actually exist in Japan...

Are rape gangs who are employed by women to attack other women they don't like actually exist in Japan? I see this in Koizora and in OP.

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I don't think anyone who would form a rape gang would be so disinclined to not take some rape for hire gigs regardless of who was footing the bill. I mean I'm not expert on the greater rape industry but I don't imagine they can be so picky in this market.

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That's actually a dope business idea. Imagine school shooters unloading their rage by hiring peg brigade to go after his school bully instead of suicide shootouts with police

I mean why not? What is Japan going to do? Persecute them?

>rape gangs employed by women
Why the specifics? Can't some rich person hire some thugs and do the same thing?

>hire some thugs
Let me tell you a ballad about a humble man called Jeffrey

I mean, sure, but if you want the job done right, it's always best to hire specialists.

Being disliked or unpopular seems like a death sentance in Japan.

Even Mirai Nikki had this too right?

idk abpout japan but it does exist in brazil and they are known to be hired by female whores to weed out competition

Ah that was a good rape. Looks like that cheeky brat couldn't win against the cock.

How come they let her keep her phone?

Why am i not surprised?

Where's the catharsis in that?
The whole point is you mete out justice with your own hands.

this is hidden gem why ?
because there is no longer manga like this anymore

this is masterpiece why ?
because it dare to make something new something none can do anymore
not only that it also done in a brilliant way to make interested and excited for every-god-damn chapter

I do know that in America, rich bitches use them to bullyrape girls they disliked.

I mean I wouldn't be surprised
Don't east countries have some shit like honorary public stripping for women that behave bad? Justice seem to be more about destroying another woman's honor rather than monetary compensation

Going against powerful people with money is a death sentence anywhere, particularly in America where there are many thugs for hire.

Is pic rel of it?

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Yeah. Nobody can beat the cock.