New anime movie coming out in two days

New anime movie coming out in two days.

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Shota kino?

Oh, Zutomayo is working on this movie? I saw a music video for this on their channel a few months ago. Didn't realize what it was for despite the title saying 映画 and PV. Also, nice try blurring out the netflix on the poster.
Looks like loli and shota.

>blurred Shitflix
The loli looks hot anyway so will give it a watch.

New previews:
Novelization can be read on Bookwalker for free.

This is a shill thread and I'm glad this trash company is losing money.

Studio Colorido and Ishida Hiroyasu tells you way more about what you can expect from this movie than Netflix producing it.

>yet another boring SoLshit that normalfags love
how new

>Looks like loli and shota.

Netflix is just the publisher.

Looks like childhood friends.

Sure, publisher, that's the title or whatever. It's a netflix film the same way Violet Evergarden and Better Call Saul are netflix shows.

So hard pass then.

Stop spamming it, retard. Nobody cares. Kill yourself.

I care

Did it kill your shounen thread?



>replying to your own post

>everyone I don't like is the same person


>Twilight Wings
At least the animation will be good.

Where projects that should have died go to die.

>I censored jewflix so I'm totally not a shill guys
Ironic shilling is still shilling