Cyberpunk: Edgerunners

So this is a story about the inability to confront society, a city where everyone eats each other, and people who chnaged parts until they become unrecognizable. Truly a dystopia. David is unironically in a better place now.

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This is a shill thread.

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i can make a buck if i become part of a trauma team

How do you go from this.

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to this?

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To this?

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spic penis

So this is one of those Anime where the rich and powerful bully the poor and stupid like in LWA? Shit hits too close to home. Sell me on this show

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Why did they make him brown

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night city is a hellhole

It's anime Scarface.

this show definitely has that cheap Netflix look
what an eyesore

A cyberpunk shithole will do that to you.

I'm trying to power through this but I just can't, it's literally just more of the same shit trigger is known for. They are really are just creatively bankrupt at this point and it shows.

>Cheap netflix look
Poor bastard has never seen Big Mouth

In what way?

I found multiple Kiwis

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she fell in love

It turns out all that is needed for trigger to make good anime is not letting them fucking write.

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>comes in out of nowhere
>fuck shit up
>kills one of the main characters (this time takes out the mc too)
Just like in the game. He truly is a Devil Ex Machina

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and then he gets oneshot by my sniper rifle because CDPR are terrible devs

Was the blood supposed to be pink or did I watch a censored ver

It's trigger's A team with huge budget tastelet

>Goes full panic mode as soon as David implies breaking up
She was completely domesticated. Cute

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What a good dicking does to a bitch

They make it a point to have the rich kid say how he doesn't mind the fact the MC is poor he just hates the MC for who he is as a person

Because he thinks he's of a lesser breed of human being.

>eople who chnaged parts until they become unrecognizable
How is this bad? Human body aren't created for world only modificated one with immortality.

Fuck off, Adam smasher.