Has Hideaki Anno ever made anything original in his life? What a disgusting hack

Has Hideaki Anno ever made anything original in his life? What a disgusting hack

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what's the issue here?

She looks like Rei Ayanami.


You do understand that Evangelion is a parody, right?
None of the characters are original. They're all just syntheses of pre-existing characters.

My dick looks like Rei Ayanami, what's your point?
Maybe Anno really did plagiarize my dick

No. You're a fucking low IQ clown.

Ok first of all, Anno was the first person to ever try making a mecha anime about the characters instead of the robot.

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Holy shit. I've never noticed.

I hate when retards say that unironically

>My dick looks like Rei Ayanami
[X to doubt]

I swear to god guys anno is totally an original auteur of mecha anime never before seen in the medium. He completely subverted the robot focus of gundam & other mecha shows ya'll.

minmay who? idol what? Eh...Love triangles? Huh!? Anyway no one cares about robotech? eva is so unique it deconstructed the whole genre because anno is a genius that knew mecha was a shit trope ridden genre that needed to be thrown under the bus to make way for his unique ground-breaking show guys. Such as Instead of robots how bout depressed teens & emotional broken waifus as the central focus of the show?

Oh Yeah yeah eva is nothing like
Zeta gundam
Victory gundam
or any other mecha show before 1995 long after the bubble economy ended.....

Anno is a auteur genius that tomino WISHED he came up with the same ideas first like a crual angel's thesis. YEAH!!!! He's no fraud youtubers with millions of views that seen gundam wing said so.......how can they be wrong guys with so many subs & views they are too popular & famous. Also no one watches or even likes macross i watch a lot of anitubers AND podcasts so i should know!

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Devilwho? Ryo Asuwhat? Sorry I only watch Gainax anime

Has there ever been an original or creative anime?

>evangelion just blatantly rips shit off with no shame

>Eva rips something off
>"You do understand that Evangelion is a parody, right?"
What a cope.

sounds like you should take that up with yoshiyuki sadamoto rather than hideaki anno

>tfw last time I posted TEH REI image we all know and love from a bygone era, some faggot mod booted me to Any Forums or gave me some 24 hour suspension.

We have truly lost our way as a people.

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It was never funny.

The fuck does this have to do with anything

You'd think it'd get a pass for being a legacy meme. But nope, DINGDONGBANU

Now you can't even say PROMOTIONS N- without getting banned.