Watashi ni Tenshi ga Maiorita

I've just started watching it since it was in my backlog since a long time.
So this is basically Ichigo Mashimaro but with a much better adult character?
Cause I'm perfectly fine with that if it is the case.
On an unrelated note why is the show so popular on Any Forums? Is it just cause of the "noatime" meme or is there more to it?

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Yes, but Ichigo Masimaro has better lolis which makes it superior.

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Any Forums are gay tranny paedos, ignore them

I don't get it, is this some obscure reference I'm not aware of? Please anons from Any Forums.org, explain to me what is this referencing, and if it is possible, clarify it with visual elements so that I can be completely certain that the referenced element corresponds to, in fact, the one that this user () just posted

Well yeah, Ichigo is just crazy shenanigans, Wataten is a legit yuri story.

Oh yeah please post it, but without spoilers so we all can see it

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jail time when

Mya-nee is literally me.

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What's the general opinion on these two?

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Remember that Miyako looks like a bruised and battered wife whenever she sleeps with Hinata

Better? I dunno.
Socially anxious and barely functional mess of a person.
Has bad habits and a short temper, but generally social and capable of functioning in society.

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>generally social and capable of functioning in society
Guess which of the two I can relate the most?
I've always been very shy and I can't stand having people outside of family in the house, I even like baking sweets although I have no interest in cospla.
Nobue has very good taste in lolis since she likes Matsuri and Ana(objectively the cutest girls), but Mya-nee is literally me.

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They are incredibly cute.

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This is a blue board user.

>Show full of cute little lolis
>Best girl is fat greasy autistic pedophile
What are they trying to say?