I've noticed something about people who self-insert

They tend to have low metacognitive abilities. It is almost like they are unable to empathize with fictional characters and for them to have any connection with a story they MUST be the main character. They can never enjoy the spectacle. I guess that is just the difference between the masses and myself. Would harem, isekai, and shonen series be as popular if the average IQ of each demographic was raised by a SD? I think not.

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Uhhh SD isn't a number you idiot so they are IQ would still be in the twos

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do you really have such a low self esteem that you have to create a thread to shit on people? go brush your ego somewhere else retard.

I think he clearly meant if the IQ was raised by 480p.
Dunno if OP is right, but I would really like to insert.

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I thought I would find similar minds here. I guess I was wrong.


SD: standard deviation.
for anyone unitonically retarded enough to not understand this post.

People who self-insert are incapable of enjoying media that they cannot project themselves onto. Although the bigger problem with self-inserting retards is their insistence that anything that is not made to be self-inserted upon is inferior by merit of the characters not aligning with their own belief systems or general modus operandi. If you make a character who does something that these viewers "wouldn't do" or bears qualities that they personally dislike (regardless of how adjacent they are to the self-inserters), all attributes of the character are ignored in favor of crying about how bad they are for not being literally who they project themselves as.

>self-inserters are dumb niggers and children
who could've guessed
sad that a lot media has to feed into their narcissistic fantasies

>let me play internet psychologist so i can stroke my ego

From what I've seen the anti-self-inserters who are the one incapable of empathy, a great example of this is Virgin Road where they quite literally celebrated the death of a random innocent person just because he was the PoV character at the start.

self insert more like im gonna insert my self into to elf's butthole

>they quite literally celebrated the death of a random innocent person just because he was the PoV character at the start.
That would be a torrent of self-inserters who hate the PoV character. The ones who would be empathetic are those who would feel for the character without heed to their familiarity to their circumstances.

kek he says this while in meikyuu isekai protag straigh up kills several people just to feel empowered and get some pussy

Those are literally faceless bandits, both of those attributes are designed to inhibit normal people from empathizing with them, though it's unsurprising that people who lack empathy wouldn't understand that.

Amazing bait, I almost fell for it

If you measure you intelligence based on what anime you watch, then you're the fucking retard.

seems like you're quite selective who to sympathise with
if you put it that way there's was no issue with killing that male jap from virgin road since he was designed as a typical pervert who gets killed


I self-insert as my OC donut steels who are characters that integrate some concept from a different anime about 80% of the time so where does that place my IQ? Things such as:
>quantum thought entity made out of GN particles in an anime about vampires
>basically a festum core that uses song magic in slime tensei