Do women really?

Do women really?

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i saw this in barnes and noble

get lonely? no

there was barely lesbian in this and the sequel. As a yurifag I am dissapointed

This is the third thread about this manga this week. I'm convinced it's one person.

>this week
These have been going on multiple weeks. Months? I think OP is lonelier than the lesbian he posts about.

She is into diapers.
Fucking ruined.

I am living in your walls.

I don't know if you're joking, but I can 100% believe that.

Can you come live in my walls? I'm lonely.

You know the page where she’s in a hospital bed and her dad passive aggressive asks her if she’s planning on adding this incident to her manga?
Yeah that’s all I needed to know where all her self esteem issues problems come from.

who is loneliness?

Yeah, it comes from knowing that she's gonna have another volume's worth of content to put out to keep fueling her self desteuctive tendencies.

Self destructive tendencies that stem from her poor relationship with her parents

More like years, but yes is one retard.

its a constant shitpost because the mangaka is a easily mockable mess. It's not the same person but rather a "garunteed replies" kinda post.

Of course they're lonely. Women are always surrounded by women. There has to be something more. A child, a man to care for and understand. Pair bonding with the opposite sex helps us grow the same way raising or biological children does. When a woman has a child with a woman, one of them isn't the real parent and so one feels like it is "THIER CHILD" over the other which feels lonely because of them did nothing and has no connection. Even if a man cannot birth a child he feels the connection of his seed having crafted this child in the miracle of life. LGBTQ faggots will always be lonely, miserable, and chasing the next high and a much higher rate than the average straight person. Their entire existence is based on who they want to fuck and their is not part two of having a child. It's just sex, and then some kind of fetish sex, and then more people and sex, etc. People who aren't straight are generally and notably attention whoring losers. Homosexuality is feminine.

you mean lesbian bed death and lesbian domestic abuse?

And his name is /lit/.

do women really bald like that? that’s messed up

The modern Japanese guys are too herbivore to sustain a meaningful relationship.
You can see it in manga - you had cool mature guys who could sustain a familial relationship like Yoh Asakura, now your average manga MC is like Kazuya from Kanojo Okarishimasu

>"lonely" woman
Has sex, social sircle and hundreds of followers thanks to her shitty manga
>"lonely" man
Swings on a tree in a forest because he's dead


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