secret s/a/nta threads when?

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It's fucking September, you stupid fucl

maybe a weekend near the end of the month based on previous years

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Based Padoru poster
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>Based Padoru poster
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The first one came late september last year iirc

Newfag detected.

Maybe this'll be the year I participate
I will not

I'm doing 10 cards this year again

The 24th is probably the earliest date that they'll make the first thread.

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>Christmas is not that far away
Fucking hell, time sure went by after I started waging

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It's not even winter yet.

Probably late September. Last year was on September 24th.

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the year the secret santa anticipation threads and secret santa threads get deleted is the year that Any Forums is dead.
maybe it will be this year.

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Around november last year I said that this one would finally be the one I take part in but now I'm not so sure
Seems like way too much stress to have to worry about getting the perfect thing only to have a decent chance of not getting anything back yourself (not that gift giving is bad, but money is money)
Maybe I'll just do a few cards

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Just put this board out of it's misery. It has become a bastard pygmy unrecognizable to anyone who has been here prior to the 2014 exodus, moot selling the site, and the 2016 elections.

Can someone explain to a newfag like me what Secret S/a/nta is?

Gift/Card exchange between people on Any Forums, October to December is probably the best time of the year for Any Forums as a whole. I think it's one of the few times I see some anons be happy and excited. I've lurked enough I'm going to make some cards this year.

Sounds nice
How is it an exchange though? Do anons just try the codes that people post and it's free to grab or is it an honor based system where everyone uses names/knows eachother


International shipping takes a long time.