Watch Lycoris Recoil

Watch Lycoris Recoil

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>yuribait seasonal shit
No fucking thank you and stay in your containment thread.

i smell jealousy~!

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Why is every post is this thread terrible? Did I accidentally click on Any Forums? Where are the mods?

>The MC is a lesbian
>raised by two gay dads
>99% of the cast is also gay

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>Madoka clone no. 1954789590783478903247980342

Kill yourself, 3DPD nigger.

You gotta go back.

Lycoris is the shitposting show of the current season.

you have a containment board. go there and never come here again tranny

Chisato is bi.

It's better and more popular than Madoka already.

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>He know who that is
Kill yourself, tourist.

>no u
Not an argument, get the fuck off my board.

I only watch stuff with straight MCs

This is your board if you can't handle it

disgusting. you should die

Ugh you can see the 5 oclock shadow

You're in luck then

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Yuri always win.

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based user

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