Shingeki no Kyojin

post your best alternate ending ideas

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I don't think we'll ever get over it

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>Eating all the titans and a royal would give Eren the same powers as Ymir!
>Ymir was a completely powerless slave!
wOw GeNiUs iDeA mAkEs BiG sEnSe

>During the timeskip the Zeke cells and the Paradis infiltrators connect with other Eldian restorationists and sympathizers in other nations, beginning a general underground call to arms of Eldians and Eldian sympathizers to come to Paradis with schematics, pieces of tech, books, etc. Just bring anything of value and military hardware on whatever boats you can commandeer.
>Paradis, with Hizuru's aid and the influx of Eldians from across the world, is able to begin a masive build up of machinery, factories, and processing plants for war material
>at the same time, Eren begins appearing on battlefields fighting Marley. He doesn't engage any of the Warrior unit, but he pushes Marley's shit in consistently when he appears. This earns Paradis some favorable opinion from other nations and they are able to get some trade in, even if Hizuru has exclusive rights for icestone exports as part of their mediation deal
>submarines become a favored military item by the rapidly industrializing island, they are easier to build than ships and make Eren dropoffs into warzones rather easy. The entire coast of Paradis becomes dotted with hidden submarine ports, many of them built by Eren partially with hardening
>the Warhammer is not exclusive property of the Tyburs but Tybur Warriors have consistently been its wielder in the past century. As a family they are still more respected for their actions in defeating the Empire, but the Warhammer is used in the war effort as part of the Warrior unit. Its lack of presence on Paradis was due to its deployment elsewhere.
Then Eren and Reiner have gay sex.

Most of Eren being the father are good.

From time to time i remember how deluded we were and how hard denied reality because we refused to accept that the alliance would win... good times.

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Just let it go.

I would have had Armin and Mikasa go to Hizuru for a year while Eren stayed with JCS before they go to Marley. It would add more development for all of them, and have more moments to make the Sasha death sad/hint at future EM/JM. Eren would also interact with Floch and Historia. Mikasa would have more development to make her worthier of her role in the end (maybe training with Levi) as would Armin (training with Hange.) It would also explain why LH were so distant with Eren before he went AWOL when they knew how important he is.

The series ending just as a dying Eren arrives alone at the ocean with everyone especially Armin dead, to carry on his dream of seeing the ocean. When he looks to the horizon black ships from the enemy appear.

So he also did everything for no reason in your HC?

He rumbles the world and only Paradis is left. That's it. Armin and the gang fail. It's a lesson that the cycle of hatred can only be ended by the complete obliteration of the enemy if you aren't willing to make amends, half-measures only pass the problem off to the next generation.

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Instead of Eren Jaeger it's Eren Gayger

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But there will still be suffering and oppression and death in a world of just Paradis. It was that way before the titans breached the wall and when Eren realized he wasn't free.
The Rumbling brings no freedom. It just makes the world as small as it seemed when Eren was a child.

>Eren's become the Catterpillar Founding Titan
>Kills everyone
>screen fades to black
>"I truly have become Attack on Titan"

The only thing I wanted in the ending was for Mikasa to suffer and be punished

Kys EHnigger

I ship LE.... Mikasa ruined everything