Why did they make mimi so hot in tri?

why did they make mimi so hot in tri?

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Tri-what? Trigun?

because how else would they get people to watch that trainwreck?
meiko was shit

To give you boners

Bitch doesn't even know what egocentric means even after it was explained to her


because she got blacked and started drinking black coffee like her men's.

check 'em

did you even forgot they showed the 3 main girls outside a love hotel.

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Why does Sora look so butch?

she actually looks kind of bland
you know what? i dont really know

damn those long necks

i always wondered why all the girls had such messy hair in that scene,now i understand why knowing they are outside a love hotel.

>>buggest tits and hips of the group.
>she looks butch.
are you ok brother?

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>she actually looks kind of bland
her 02 design was peak

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Tri deez dick in your mouth

Fuckin whore

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Nobody but you cares where images found on google come from.

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Yeah, she looks like a long faced horse.

She was always hot.