I want to bury my face in Megumin's crotch

I want to bury my face in Megumin's crotch.

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It's probably warm, wet, and musty. What would drive a man to do such a thing?

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I want to bury my dick in Megumin's crotch.


This but with Yunyun

I want to hold eris' hands

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If I masturbate 1.5 times a day on average, and Megumin makes up roughly half of my faps, my ejaculation is approximately 5mL, and it's been 2429 days since Konosuba S1E2, my total expenditure is in the ballpark of... 9 liters.

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this but my crotch and her face

>ywn ejaculate 9 liters of cum on megumin's terrified face

Of course not, a load that size has to go in her pussy.

For me it's Aqua.

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Her thief outfit is so Goddamn hot

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She stole my heart

But she's just a child.
I bet she doesn't even wipe down there properly.

>Megumin's barcode birthmark is on her butt
>Yunyun's barcode is on her inner thigh
Where's Komekko's?

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Her crotch?
Is that a thing girls have to deal with?

center of back

Don't wanna wipe shit into your snatch

is that....???!?

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Darkness is superior, enjoy your shit taste with your self-insert waifu bait retard


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Megumin’s pussy is meant for violent rape

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Inshallah, I really wish to see Megumin brutally raped and then dismembered by migrants who will unceremoniously dump her mutilated corpse in bins

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