Dragon Ball Super

Is Yamcha lucky or not?

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What the FUCK is janny's problem?


The luckiest man in the multiverse.

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Your favorite character and your height.

6'3, Z Broly.

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Yamcha is so lucky...

9'10. Nuly.

4'10". Goku.

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What are these cryptic Amerimutt values for length?
use centimeters like the civilized world.


Heroes has so many girls with the underarm goodness.

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Okay Ahmed.

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Has Toriyama ever spoken a sentence without raughing?

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It appears all the diaper posters are in the Bejita thread.

Why'd Bejita pull a poopy nugget out of his pants?

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...is so beautiful...

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Pumped & Dumped by GODhan.

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>Goku out of nowhere

Z Broly.

6' ft. in imperial units.
1,83 m. in metric system.

Yamcha? Literally me.

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>Toriyama never intended to a new villain after Cell

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Imagine being bald.

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Broly has never laid eyes on a saiyan woman. What will happen when he meets Kale?

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