One Piece:

The Laugh Tale Saga (ラフテル編) is the fifth saga of the second half of the anime and the manga series, One Piece, and is the eleventh and final saga overall.

>Manga Chapters:

>Story Arcs:
Elbaf Arc (1058-TBA)
God Valley Arc (TBA)
Lodestar Island Arc (TBA)
Laugh Tale Arc (TBA)

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How many threads do you faggots need

>finally leaving Wano and all its garbage characters behind
>Yamatroons get an immediate copium infusion flashback because Oda was scared of being accused of raising the suicide rate too high
>now we have to deal with Bonneyniggers on top of this instead of Uroguechads
Unironically fuck you Oda I hope you fuckng die.

press F

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Fuck off, whore.

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>Imu didn't one shot wano when Luffy, Kaido, and Robin were there
top tier writing

>Imu didn't just use her power to destroy islands that would have completely fucked over the pirates any time in the story

What are the chances Oda is going to pull some stupid convoluted JoJo/HxH/JJK tier power shit where she can only use her power in very specific instances?

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>>Story Arcs:
>Elbaf Arc (1058-TBA)
>God Valley Arc (TBA)
>Lodestar Island Arc (TBA)
>Laugh Tale Arc (TBA)
why do you retards keep adding arcs out of nowhere? Oda is not going to continue writing for 10 years.

Castro won... he fucking won...

It’s weird, I can’t fap to hardly any OP porn. Like one time I was reading a doujin where Luffy fucks Boa and Margarite and I just kept thinking “man Luffy is totally acting OOC here”
I don’t do this with many series but I do with this one. Anyone else feel the same?

Why did Bonney kick this dude instead of making him a toddler?

Now Carrot and Yamato are done.
These two beauties remain. place your bets.

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Did you miss the elders saying they can't do anything to Wano until its borders are closed?

>rushes Wano to promote film Red
>puts in Wano flashback 2 chapters after we leave Wano
Oda is not the man he used to be.


>Unironically fuck you Oda I hope you fuckng die.
Your wish will be granted when the current clone finally decays and Shueisha pulls another replacement out of a capsule.

Pretty sure stone walls aren't going to stop a nuke from above.

>an island destroying nuke having a drawback is stupid
Okay Narutard

>copium when carrotkeks have been spaming for months
>bonneyniggers when there are no bonneyfags but a couple
get fucked grass muncher

Cope more nakamafag.

Say it.

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Overdose on your meds already, no one wants you here.

endgame material right there, bros

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They didn't want to reveal Uranus, but It's time for a great cleaning

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Is it finally fucking over?

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imu probably wants pluton.

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Yes, can't fap to Luffy fucking girls.
But based Saint Charloss, Blackbeard, Momonosuke, Nami X Shotas and random ugly bastards work just fine.


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he is old and tired as fuck by now. just want to squeeze most money possible so he can retire.


You can’t sit here and honestly say Oda’s writing for Carrot up until 1056 was completely half-assed. Unlike with Momonosuke and Vivi, Oda didn’t go out of his way to develop Carrot’s role as a future leader. She has always been a follower. Not to mention with Shishilian and the Musketeers being the arms of Zou and Wanda helping with advisory, it kind of just makes Carrot out to be just a figure head.
Perospero told her to go back home and literally munch on grass and Oda added in that same chapter a moment where Carrot remembers Pedro’s words to “move forward.” No matter what mental gymnastics you try to use, Pedro has never once said anything that indicated his will was to be a guardian of Zou. He wanted to join the Pirate King when he was younger and he was infatuated with the “Dawn of the World”, something I’m sure pretty Pedro himself didn’t even know what it was exactly.
Not to mention one of the reasons Nekomamushi and Inuarashi use to justify their decision to appoint Carrot as leader is that she has experience being overseas with the Straw Hats. Carrot has only been to two places outside of Wano: Whole Cake Island and Wano. All of the minks have been to Wano, so that only leaves Big Mom’s territory as the only place that Carrot has gone that the other minks haven’t yet. That’s it.
And this is only the start of it. Nothing here makes sense and the only way I can see you trying to say that it does is because you just don’t like Carrot and tire fine with any conclusion as long as it doesn’t end with her being on the the Sunny again.

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you're reading the wrong doujins.

Enel has the Raijin zoan while Imu has the real lightning logia.

No, expect more Yamato flashbacks everything Oda regrets leaving her on the island because Zorofags would burn his house down.

At least she's reunited with her boyfriend.

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Maybe Pluton has an automatic defense system

the next crewmate will be a black person. unironically, one piece needs more representation. the real kind, not just saying usopp was supposed to be black all along

wasn’t completely*

Carrot's arc logical conclusion was heading back to zou. If you think otherwise, you were just intoxicated by the idea of a cute bunny who interacts well with the strawhats joining the crew. I'm sorry carrotbros, but that's just how it is.

Reduced to atoms

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Im guessing that Im just want to keep the status quo in the world, you know pirates doing pirate things and marines preventing it

my theory is she needs calories to age people/herself(ie - 1 year/10 calories)


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Oda’s writing for Carrot up until 1056 was complete. Done. Next cope, please.

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If Vivi does show up and if we get Hancock in the near future, will this nakamawar be more civil or will it devolve into the biggest shitposting era we have ever seen that will make the yamatroons/carrotfurries/tampedos stuff look like child's play.

After the Yamato flashback, I am hoping it actually is over.

>They didn't want to reveal Uranus
They revealed it literally hundreds of chapters ago.

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all of them.

Could have nuked Whole Cake Island.
Could have nuked Pirate Island
Could have nuked any island while any of the Yonko were on them.
Could have nuked Kaidou when he was moving across the sea to fight Whitebeard.

>where Carrot remembers Pedro’s words to “move forward.”
She only remembers "Pedro..."
If his actual words were remembered the scene would fall apart.


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too old for ace now

I love zoro

It’s over user Bonney won

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>so that only leaves Big Mom’s territory as the only place that Carrot has gone that the other minks haven’t yet. That’s it.
Also half the minks that were part of Pedro's crew shacked up there after they got BTFO like Pekoms.


Jinbe is the nigger of the crew, fishmen in general are the niggers of the OP world

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BoaCHADS let's go Boacoins areat the rise.

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It's genuinely sad that people like you don't understand why a lot of Carrot fans are disappointed. Vivi were and Boa was ever half as viable as Carrot was, I would look forward to it.

>luffy had such little faith in his flag meaning anything he accept yamato staying even if he really wanted her to join


>Imu can nuke islands at will
>Doesn't nuke Wano with 3 yonko's on it, and one of the only people who can still read poneglyphs
>Wano is also secluded so no one would even know it got nuked
Oda fell off


>even more flashbacks of Wano

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>copium when carrotkeks have been spaming for months
Oh, you think we're gonna stop investing into Carrot joining, don't you?

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link to that blackbeard and bonney doujin pls...

bout 3 fiddy

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He means when she starts fighting Perospero.

I know right now my brothers are losing faith but THIS IS THE TIME TO INVEST IN CARROTCOINS

First off this Leak doesn't deconfirm Carrot since could hear Luffy's dream within the Barrel and they haven't reached the new island yet so she's still in prime position to join

Second we know Redon is a butthurt Yamato fan that even avoided breaking the news that Yamato was staying, and Drumz is saying that there was one nakama war candidate that was omitted from the spoilers, tell me why would Redon omitt Vivi, it's obviously Carrot

Stay strong Carrot bros our victory has almost arrived

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I doubt normal Yonko are a threat to him.
He probably lived for 800+ years, only people like Roger are probably a threat for him.

But why? Does IM have precognition, but it's so chaotic he thinks this shit will force the future in the way time he wants it to?

i just need decent robin ones where she stays on model or at least her boobs are less than 3/4 of her mass. there arent that many put there

People's dreams never end

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the next saga will be about the marines going after bonney and ivankov to create the ultimate sex slaves

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Imagine Clovercucks, they will never escape Wano

keep it up, or switch to yamato, jinbe, vivi or whichever character your brain-rotted nakamanigs like to hide behind. just know you lost. again.


>Carrot has only been to two places outside of Wano

That was the first time OP reminded me of LOST now its like that every single chapter. The twists and mystery boxes keep getting dumber with each chapter


The revos caused this

well at least Im seems legitimately dangerous now so

i guess we have our real answer for who the big bad endgame boss is

OP went Garbage with Wano, news at 11.

I cant read

>We learn Luffy's REAL DREAM
Oda was right, everything before leaving was filler

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this is a falseflag, I refuse to believe carrotfags are this pathetic

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Yamato and Kiku's son is so cute!

Is everyone in one piece stil pretending the marines and wg are the good guys?

all of this happened because king Riku was stupid and weak

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Oh, you're very wrong. Carrot is my first investment into a crewmember here. I still got a lot of cash left since Sad Man Parade in heroaca threads

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This. We are crying on the toilet like men.

>Imu can nuke islands at will
we don't know this
>Doesn't nuke Wano with 3 yonko's on it, and one of the only people who can still read poneglyphs
that would destabilize the statue quo even more
more like your brain fell off

>Lulusia? never heard of it!

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Remember that Imu considered Vivi the bigger threat than Luffy, Blackbeard, or Poseidon.
He's either got 300 IQ and understands which factors will determine the outcome in the long run, is just fucking around, or is actually retarded.

user I am a Carrotfag too but unless Bonney was waiting outside of Wano it's been awhile since Carrot hid in the barrel. She should be hungry by now.

It is. I’m just in over all disbelief.

I cant believe how good WCI seemed compared to this. Let alone things like water 7

Does Redon hide big stuff from small summaries for the full summaries?
Apparently it mostly focus on the crew and yet most of the leaks isn't related to them.

>I refuse to believe carrotfags are this pathetic
Where were you for the last month?

You're the one that's going to look pathetic when Carrot pops out of that barrel

They did not want to destroy Pluto. In the end, they want his power too.

We don't know anything about this yet. I'd wait until the summary or pics to start judging it.

One reaction page for every strawhat.

Reminder that Vivi is potentially in the chapter.

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>It is really unfortunate that such a mysterious natural disaster happened! Don't forget to pay your yearly divine tribute, by the way! The heavens bless the believers.

Who gives a fuck about a "statue quo" when you can nuke your enemies and they can't do shit about it?
Un retardo

When did this stop being the author's work and turn into soulless product by a board of greedy executives?

probably retarded. don't forget that most strong character in OP are a fucking retards

My foolish grandchildren why didn't you support a regime that genocides and practices slavery?

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Duchess bun

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Last week his small summary didn't mentioned that the SSG were Warlord clones

Damn Oda you didn't have to do them like that

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Probably around timeskip and sales.

If people are arguing that Imu is only going after Sabo because he knows he exists, then why didn't Imu goa fter Doffy?

Since Carrot and Yamato existed

when munch grass

The secret to WCI being good is that had absolutely nothing to do with Wano.
Not even when the subjects of the dawn of the world or how Roger read poneglyphs came up did Oden or the Kozuki get mentioned.

I hope Oda doesn't continue bringing Wano up in the future arcs. Please, no more mentioning Wano, and especially Yamato.

Imagine if Im is a hot waifu.

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Since Chopper redesign

Garp deserves a kick in the teeth in general. useless cunt

I think you mean Carrot

right behind you shanks
lets exterminate the niggers all according to plan
The younger generation just doesn't understand

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>No mention of Vivi being with Sabo
>No mention of Vivi being with the Revos
>No mention of Vivi with Bonney
She’s on the next island the Straw Hats are heading to.

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either one of these two at this point for the nakama war.

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Probably because of Imu

Redon already confirmed that we won’t see the rabbit this chapter.

She's with Im

She was eating from the Tangerine tree when no one was looking

>garp is privy to all the buster calls and countries getting wiped out in his long tenure as a marine
>is still a government lapdog
Why is he like this?

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Yes, yes, he most certainly did. Fuck nakamafags. If they actually read the manga or a single SBS they'd know that tidbit about Bonney and not take it personally. But because they're nakamafags they feel even more assblasted.

Seeing as Oda could not even have 2 chapters without Wano flashback ... sorry user.

>Who gives a fuck about a "statue quo"
you are so fucking retarded, you are the dumbest gorilla nigger I've had the displeasure to interact with. you don't have a clue. Your brain has been rotten by shounenshit hard that you can't understand anything more nuanced than an inequality relation. Please kill yourself. Please don't reproduce. Go apologize to every tree you meet for being such a waste of hair.

Just post the raws already for fuck sake.

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he believes in the absolute justice new era will establish

>discord screencaps
please stop
lets not step down this low

It will be turbo cool if he comes back in the story when the strawhats go to the moon

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Holy shit never thought of it that way but you're right. New mysteries growing in ridiculousness just keep piling up on one another while retconning old ones or delaying/not answering them at all.

One Piece Film Strong World.

user…it’s too late for that.

I don't really want to read +500 posts of carrotfags crying...Can't they cope in silence like Yamatroons?


Headcanon at this point

>holding imaginary shitcoins
>for free
get a life user


Chapter focuses on the crew

We see Imu talking

The five elders are in the chapter


Raws and detailed summary on Thursday

Why are we like that and not calling for revolution? Because it's safer for us and the majority.

From Doma

- Imu-sama's conversation appears.

- The chapter focuses on the crew

- Five Elders in the chapter

No Break Next Week

The worst chapters are the ones with SH focus, they're like T7 from Naruto. I wanted Weevil, Moria or Ochoku focus

>Jinbe is the nigger of the crew

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i wonder what could luffy's dream be

>tens of thousands of innocent people died?
>it's necessary, trust in absolute justice bro

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>Oda will have Sanji convert another evil woman into another one of his fangirls
Damn Oda chill it with the Sanjiwank (no dont I love it)

don't worry, the hack will rush it all at once

It's b3en 900 years and it still isn't working...

Answer their arguments.
I am sorry they ruin your 10/10 chapter discussion thread.

Fuck off redon

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what is the point of Imu destroying the kingdom?

>The chapter focuses on the crew

oh no the spic is mad hahahahah

Fuck off with that nonsense

>The worst chapters are the ones with SH focus, they're like T7 from Naruto. I
Fuck off Narutard.

Who inherited his will?

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