Cyberpunk: Edgerunners

Now that Trigger has saved Anime once again, what's next for the studio? Also, realistically speaking how could David have beaten Adam? Oh, Lucy best girl.

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>garbage anime from a garbage studio based on a garbage sy video game
Can't pay me money to watch this shit.

Why are mods allowing this obvious shill spam?
Please go to those boards instead, or at the very least have the decency of having only dedicated shill thread at a time.

>garbage anime from a garbage studio based on a garbage s𝕠y video game
Can't pay me money to watch this

is this some sort of discord raid/spam

Oh great the schizos are here!

AOTY btw

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I always wanted for Trigger to be less autistic
this is the one

When the shitty cg cars flip over it reminded me of promare which i didnt like
other than that its very solid

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Almost 10+ hrs after binge watched and i'm still mad/sad, bros

go back

Do you also listen to Let You Down on repeat?

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>literally made the shitty car mechanics of the game canon

Did David go cyberpsycho at the very end?

honestly, I cant stop feeling.

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I'll go back to your mom's bedroom, shill.

Lucy > Panam > Becca > Judy

Where does best girl fit in that list?

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Was this commimg out weekly or was it all dumped at once? Also sub or dub?

Panam helped me to down Smasher while Lucy fled like the bitch from him. Panam>Becca>Judy>Shit>Lucy.



dumped at once, should have been weekly
it was made with english in mind

the sub didn't distract me that much
but the text in the screen is obviously from the english dub

How come the power of love combined with mecha didn't save David?

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yeah trigger really triggered my inner goose

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