Slutty alcoholic pedophile with severe daddy issues

>Slutty alcoholic pedophile with severe daddy issues

Why is this vile character so loved by the masses?

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If you remove the slutty part, you've described a sizable portion of the audience. The other part has mommy issues and a drunken slutmommy is just what their Freudian sexual urges ordered.

Yeah but she's really hot

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Despite popular meme she is not a pedofile and there's absolutely nothing signaling that she is.
>inb4 that kiss scene
It was her trying absolutely everything to make that like shit pilot his mom

you are on a pedophile website

I like makima

i'm literally her btw (minus the pedo part ofc)

legit answer? because she takes any cock which might as well means she could take mine and once i'm inside i'm not letting go EVER until she gets pregnant and becomes my woman and nobody elses

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>Why is this vile character so loved by the masses?
Because she is a slutty alcoholic pedophile with severe daddy issues

Oh yeah, right: her slutmommy energy is so strong that people like exist even though if you watch the anime you realize Misato merely wants to be defiled because she's too pussy to chase non-Kaji cock.

>Take a generic Tomino woman
>Paste her into your anime
>Get regarded as a genius
How the fuck does pubic beard get away with it?

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literally the only answer to the *mystery*

nah, kaji is just a cuckold

misato takes all the dick in the world because she wants to fuck her own father who's not around anymore

>nah, kaji is just a cuckold
kaji literally flirt with every women he finds

Makima is a virgin

kaji is a fucking simp orbiter for Misato

It's the other way around.

> Female pedo
Nobody gives a shit

Omg sisters, she’s literally me!

Did you watch the show?

lmao he is tho.
even to the extreme fags from this board would go and literally kills himself for her

Shinji got her pregnant and fixed her issues

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i want to be girlboss like her ^^