My Charms Are Wasted on Kuroiwa Medaka

What is up with this manga suddenly getting regular threads here? It's not even that good.

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Shut up and dump the chapter

Do not question Min/a/mi now hurry up with the dump, I want to see how Mona will fuck it up.

Please tell me we get Asahi pantsu this chapter

No it's good but it still mean nothing because of the the genre.

It is better than cucks and kusokari
Cafe>KmK>Bastard>megami>seitokai> trash> ayumu> amagami> cuck>shit> kusokari

It's because were seeing more of the side heroines now. Nobody really gives a shit about shonen romcoms with only one male and female lead, it's boring. They're all shit but at least harems highlight multiple girls.

Somebody dump the chapter REEEEEE

Here's to more Minami fanservice.

I just want the swimsuit part of the pageant to start already

>It's because were seeing more of the side heroines now
I assume Sneaky is seething because of it?

Most likely. I don't have the screencap saved but he did say the series would be dead to him if Tomo developed feelings for Medaka too

Of course. He's a big main-girlfag

>the series would be dead to him if Tomo developed feelings for Medaka too
I hope it happens sooner or later, he deserves it

It's beautiful and the girls are good. What else do you need?

Ok, I'll do it myself.

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Same here. I think it'll happen by the climax of the pageant

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Based, thanks user


is it shibari?

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Do you think it happens the early scans will be dead?

Minami you shrewd woman

I knew the last chapter she was going for this. Still can't believe she fell this low.

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Probably. He won't drop the series since he's giant Monafag but he'll bitch and moan, call the writing shit, and take longer to release the chapters for sure.

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>No ass shot
>Just barely seeing the bottom of her pantsu
What the fuck

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Mona SEX

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Why don't more people on Twitter/Discord/Reddit call him out on his bias?

based Medaka

No pantsu, no boobs, 9 for effort.

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About what? Liking a series?

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Mona is cute.

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I'm sure people have in the past but it doesn't really do anything. But if he becomes a butthurt faggot and takes more than a week to release chapters I hope the series gets sniped.