Hajime no Ippo

Chapter 1395

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Enough of this monkeyshit. If Ricardo doesn't end this within 3 rounds he's a disgrace to Mexico.

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I've got bad news

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The monkey trouble...has only just begun

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Hopefully Ricardo stops being so passive after the first round

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Mexicobros we're getting completely fucking mogged

What a fucking terrible fight

Can you do that? Can you just hide behind the ref and he'll be like "ye that's cool whatever"

>Break next week
I'm seething and I'll be seething even more if the next chapter is Wally just fucking around again. Hopefully the fight speeds up soon.

Nah that's straight up illegal

this manga fell off and needs to be axed

round will probably end early into the next chapter and Ricardo will initiate el murdachino mode round 2

Imagine being the equivalent of a child screaming and shitting because he doesn't like what's on tv
Instead of just changing the channel

>fight ends with Wolly just getting disqualified

Honestly it's really funny how much Woli makes people seethe uncontrollably but I assume some of you fags who do so are the same people that have been shitting on the whole retirement arc to begin with.

You don't get to 1400 chapters without making some autists in the process

>do shit so dumb that Ricardo can’t learn anything
monkey be doing a bit of trolling

Ricardo bros...I'm actually kind of getting worried
He annihilated our composure instantly, and now is dancing around while we shit ourselves from corner to corner