Chainsaw Man

Yoru is going to be Denji's love interest, not Asa.
It will be a parallel her and between Makima who loved Chainsaw Man, but hated Denji.

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Would you, Any Forumsnon?

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Powermonkeys and Makimadogs BTFO

Why did Fuji make her so cute? I can't take her seriously as a villain...

>Yoru is going to be Denji's love interest, not Asa.
Why do you redditors keep forcing this retarded pairing

Fuck yes, I wish this were me.

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She's not the main villain, whoever pays Yoshida is.
Yoshida is the anti-Aki, he will have a heel turn later on.

Yorubros and Asadrones, we just can't stop winning the OP race

Needed to make the jobber character not completely useless

Denjiseats, what the FUCK was this chapter?!?!?!?

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This, the main jobber wont be the main villain

20000 yen btw

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Denji is such a fucking whore. Nayuta's gonna become a masochist submissive loli slut at this rate.

Fucking landwhales need to go outside

nayutadaddies we wanted a nayuta thread

The /an/ videos from the other day were more exciting than this chapter lol

Chairs don't talk.


It's quite amusing how Makimafags, Powerkeks, Rezetrons, Nayutapedos, Kobenicucks and Denjicels got so BTFO by these 2 little girls

We RUN these threads

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>CSM 18-104
Meta analysis of distorted perceptions, death of the author, audience misinterpretation
>Just listen to the song
Meta analysis of distorted perceptions, death of the author, audience misinterpretation
>Goodbye Eri
Meta analysis of distorted perceptions, death of the author, audience misinterpretation
>Look back
Meta analysis of distorted perceptions, death of the author, audience misinterpretation

Makima made Hackimoto absolutely lose his fucking mind

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Sorry yoruasaredditors keep spamming

I give it years until Yoru sucks Denji's little Chainsaw Man dick.

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Cool jobber character

I don't even understand how they cling to a series where the only confirmed homosexual is a woman. All the men so far have been completely straight.

I miss Aki. The only character that did not disappoint

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Dude just pull your chain
I can't enjoy these chapters because the premise of Denji not being able to show he's chainsaw man is so dumb

Denji is clearly gay for pay

I do indeed like replying to myself

Denji is '$20 is $20'.

Zero hype
Zero stakes
Zero good characters

I miss him so much

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It is time to admit Chainsaw Man is fujobait.
>Aki x Angel in part 1
>now Yoshida x Denji in part 2
>every time Yoshida shows up in a chapter, he trends on Japanese Twitter
>the manga's EDITOR likes Yoshiden fanart on Twitter
>80% of new fanart is of Yoshida (and you can't even argue they're low quality images rapidly churned out)
>the very first doujin, and thus far the only doujin, of part 2 is Yoshiden
>also it's been revealed Fuji reads BL
"B-But Yoshida said he'd help find Denji a girlfriend!" You really don't understand fujos, do you? These past two chapters have had more fujo content than Jujutsu Kaisen (a series regularly called "fujobait") has had this entire year.

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Don't worry, he is the part of le secret organization.

>Yoru is going to be Denji's love interest, not Asa.
That might be the endgame, but I like the theory that Yuko will be first because she's actually a csm fan.

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>I don't even understand how they cling to a series where men sit on MC for money

Dang, that's pretty kino, not gonna lie. It's like.. how do I say it.. Poetry.

yorubros we no longer ship yoru with chairji
yorushida is our new OTP

Only the closeted gay that replies to every homo post denies it, last two chapter were clearly fujobait for better or for worse.

Yuko is gonna cheat on CSM for War Devil, isn't she?

Fujobait done right. I hate yoshida

Guys mess around like that all the fucking time without ever once thinking of it as gay. You're twisting completely benign interactions into something it's not.

holy kek, go read yuri then if you are so scared of based male friendship

>Denji is the only person to show interest in Asa
>Piss girl entertains the idea of Denji's advances
>Asa becomes jealous
Yoru was tsundere for csm this chapter, so it fits the schizo dual character.
>it's not like I needed you to save me baka csm

Yoshida did nothing wrong yet, hell he is trying to carry part 2 by moving the fucking plot.

Unironically true, Yoshida is solo carrying this shit right now

someone give yoru some dick stat

they watched to much Miracle Ladybug

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I miss creepshida, Kill your brother yoshida, teleport behind you yoshida, punching women yoshida, falling out of the window yoshida.

You are saying this in a thread that regularly has people shipping Denji with any girl that shows up next to him.

I have no idea how can anyone in their right mind deny that the absolute majority of popular modern shounens have or are built on intentional fujobait.
They know their audience, they know the types of fans to creat content and buy merch rather than simply read a chapter online, and they go for this exact audience.
And considering how batshit insane Fujimoto is with cannibalism, lesbo orgies and etc etc, I wouldn't put it past him to drop something gay. Especially considering, as you said, he likes BL

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But I'm not? You are clearly the one going insane over it.

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How much for a day with Denji?

Yoshida is the most popular character in Lofter right now

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That's on the job Yoshida. He's in a pretty casual setting, now.

10k for chair
20k for dick sucking
30k for a quickie
40k for the night

>Generic pretty boy
>Popular with the girls

Are you the first user I replied to ? Sorry then, since you used the word "fujobait" my brain automatically assumed a negative denunciation

Yoru x Poshita
Asa x Denji

I NEED to have sex with power

Well deserved. Fujimoto is just doing what he needs to do by coasting on the TR and JJk trend with quirky male interactions to milk all these dumb readers. Kudos to him

>Would you stop reading it if Makima/Nayuta disappeared?

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spy x family doesn't do that. it's 99% straight

only faggot is the SSS boss and he's a creepy old man harassing young underling.

There are lots of naive or straight up ignorant people here posting who dont have a clue how business works and how much say the editor or magazine can have on an artist. They know the trends better than we do, they have all these numbers.

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If he goes full BL, it could redeem Part 2 for me. Just full blown steamy sex between Yoshida and denji would be the kinoest thing

No, I'm the second one.
Though I didn't mean fujobait on negative either.

Makima a shit
I reserve judgement over Nayuta but her being the second coming of that whore Makima doesn't give me favorable vibes about her.

apology for bad japanese

where were u wen makima die

i was at house eating takoyaki when phone ring

"Makima is kil"


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