Classroom of the elites

Yup, using RC car models was something a kid would come up with, it was fitting for three idiots to come up with a plan like that.

You Zitsu/Classroom of the elites/ Youkoso Jitsuryoku thread i guess.

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cute maya

How would ayano expell all students?

What do you mean by "all students"?

I bet he means expell everyone, from 1st years to 3rd years and only he remains
and maybe Kei

Yes everyone

Final boss being koenji of course.

After that, I would love to see him get the teachers expelled too

He could probably arrange something for Chabashira since she was threatening him, unless teachers are also part of the experiment.

He realistically couldn't without story turning to absolute shit.

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He will have to involve the adults since I don't know what plans doing after he leaves the protection of the school, become an any eternal teacher there?

He will just resign himself to his fate and realize that there is no better place to seek knowledge from than white room.
Although it would go against everything this story is trying to say.

user, what the fuck are you even trying to say?

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Yes, yes, HOWEVER!
Consider best girl, Any Forums.

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she's for the dragon boy

i'm saying outside the school he has to use adults to get what he wants, and his father can dominate him outside

i dont know if teachers are protected by the school or not, if so, that could be ayano's end goal

No, fuck you!

She's going on a date in 2 weeks

I wish

>inb4 they change it and insert Horikita in

Why leave it as a wish. We've got 13 episodes and they've given 3 a volume. There's clearly space for it.

But that's not Ichinosex

we will know if they don't skip the part where Ayanokouji ask Maya if she has time during the winter break and she gets all happy and hugs him

I wonder if animeonlies would get disillusioned when we finally get her arc. Or is it just the body that matters in these cases?

>Or is it just the body that matters in these cases?
you don't know how true this is
but for me Ichinose's past is irrelevant. Who cares if she stole something? I did it a lot too when I was a kid

So when is the red-haired pig going to die??? At least I hope he's boiled alive or something.

ayanokuji practices semen retention

Komiya and Kinoshita already have their own fun moment in the island exam. So, when's her turn ?

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Not with Keiwhore around.

>their own fun moment in the island exam
you mean fun as being pushed and possibly dying?