One piece

Remember, 1060 will supposedly be a “10/10 chapter.” Keep that in mind.

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posted by Etenbobby and confirmed by Redon on WG

1060 - Nine Tailed Fox

-chapter continues dragon and sabo's talk

-they agree on a meeting place

-at the end we zoom out and see a smiling catarina devon de-transform from sabo, along with the real sabo chained up frowning

-all 10 of the titanic captains are there, including kuzan

-bb walks in laughing, he says that now he knows he can trust kuzan after bringing them such a catch

-coby is also in a cell, we get a close up of bb stating that theyre about to start a war between the marines and revos and they'll reap the benefits

-the entire crew erupts in cheers except kuzan who remains silent and glances towards coby

-cut to the sunny

-luffy is back in the cage saying sorry as nami yells at him again

-franky is lamenting that the waterfall jump broke the sunny's toilet, him and usopp go to fix it

-jinbe cuts a hole in one of the barrels of the ship and climbs on top

-jinbe remarks he isnt used to sanjis cooking yet as grumble sfx come from his stomach, sanji gets so mad he lists up all the ways you can cook whale shark meat

-zoro is examining a sword and laughs that what could number 4 do to number 3

-suddenly theres screams from the barrel but its unable to escape under the weight of jinbe

-jinbe is shocked by the commotion but the shs tell him not to worry, the creepy mud guy probably snuck on again

-jinbe finishes his business and finally steps off, suddenly in a impressive double page a chocolate bunny erupts from the barrel and everyone is shocked

-luffy laughs while holding his nose and asks who is that but no one knows, carrot exclaims shes so hungry from being stuck in there she starts munching on the sunny's grass and finally everyone recognizes her

-chapter ends with the SHs telling carrot she can borrow the mini merry to make it back to zou

I want Katakuri to sit on my face

fuck carrotniggers

Endgame right here, brothers

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One Piece is for coomers.

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Is it because our glorious hero, Madara Uchiha, will finally appear?

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You're already begin a cynical fag when the spoilers are not even out what chances does the chapter have?

The next poster is a faggot

Confirmed by Redon


post spoilers and lewds pls im dying...

I believe in Carrot

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tcb just tweeted to avoid spoilers at all costs

bros...why cant I do it? why do I have no willpower? I know the chapter would be a million times better without reading the spoilers and yet I already know I wont do it

My favorite anime, Adventure Time.

What has Dragon achieved in 20 years with his Revolutionary Army?
What is his goal?

Chapter will be dogshit considering the leakers are sucking Oda's dick so much
Expect nothing of note / hack writing.

>bros...why cant I do it? why do I have no willpower?
Ya know I remember the last time leakers hyped a chapter like this it was complete fucking garbage that shat on the entire manga up to that point.


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Honestly all one piece threads should be flooded with fat perona pictures until redon stops being a massive homo and dumps the spoilers

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Getting back with his wife, Imu.

Usually when they tell you to avoid spoilers it's a nothingburger chapter. I've been cheated too many times to care anymore

>tcb just tweeted to avoid spoilers at all costs
what spoilers lmao
by the time they get off from their floor glued dildo we will have the viz translation out

>Honestly all one piece threads should be flooded with fat perona pictures
This should be done regardless.

Imagine how great one piece generals would be if every poster masturbated before posting anything

>moria is dead
why does oda hate him bros

Post Cute and Canon

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He already appeared in WCI speed reader

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Shanks jobbed to Weevil

Boa is sailing to Luffy

Sabo didn't Cobra

Imu is Rox

My cousin from Brooklyn said that if you have more than two pussies you have the power to rule the world. Also



Blackbeard dies from a mysterious illness
Vasco was promoted to captain

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I can only assume this is about the SHs seeing what the next island looks like

I'll stick with 73, exclusively.

>There was an awful lack of female pirates in Impel Down
>Ivankov gang doesn't count, they might be all males originally.

>Big mom has chess army
>Kaido has a smile army
>Marine has a ssg army

We won

No chapter can be a 10/10 without Uta

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we have confirmation that pol island was destroyed in last thread buster call sir!
the vice admirals and ship will now return to hq

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Super Saiyan God?

>The WG tries to frame Sabo
>It completely backfires
Have they EVER gotten a legitimate win?

SSG Mihawk can defeat Kaido

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it's coming home

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I thought that this was the chick from Watamote for a second there.

You will never get rid of us.

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does nuking a island of harmless archeologists considered a win ?

Here are some spoilers (probably).

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carrot furries are nazis

No because they left one alive

The WG doesn't know that the population hates the Celestial Dragon and world noble
Some celebrated the Queen's death

I ain't clicking that shit nigger

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Going to believe the leakers and will not be spoiled and leaves the threads but after the chapter Dropped gonna be back with a Carrot picture so you guys know It is me, bye

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How the fuck does a Mexican and a Somalian have leaks before anyone fucking else?

Redon just confirmed that the hidden variables theory is correct and probabilistic models of quantum physics are no accurate descriptions of reality

>All the leakers hyping this chapter as the best chapter of all time
>Not a single confirmed spoiler yet
What are we expecting?

English please

The mafia rules in Mexico

Dragon makes his move

do one for her tongue

Cartel and Pirate

Carrot's in until she's shown in Zou

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Me man
You tranny

Luffy is the Sun God Nika, but Caribou is the other three. What do you get when you combine a forest, rain, and land? A swamp. Caribou is the final villain of one piece. He will store all the ancient weapons in his body.

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Imu to flood the earth after getting seduced by Sabo


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Etenboy shut up I told you not to tell them anything.

Smoker jobbed.... again.... is it even jobbing at this point or is it just being made a mockery of?

carrot is shown on zou touching grass while cariGOD shows up on the ship and luffy vouches for him being a good guy

Bullshit, makes no sense why a shitty capture story just Marineford 3.0

We need Pepito



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He would make for a much better member than Jinbe, Carrot or Yamato. He just needs some moral guidance.
We also get our obligatory Logia.

Are One Piece pirates more like real life pirates than Naruto ninjas are like real life ninjas?

>legs aren't dinoed

>zoro is examining a sword and laughs that what could number 4 do to number 3

Imu is Luffy grandmother

More barrels

I actually had one made a while ago on request, but I forgot to add it.
Average male tongue length: 8.5cm (3.34")
Times Kiku Scale: 14.29cm (5.2")
Times One Piece Multiplier: 25.01cm (9.84")
I'll add it to the doc.

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Redon's going to delay it as much as he can, isn't he?

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>Carrot joins the crew
>Caribou reveals who he’s working with
>the revolutionary army finally does something.

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I just want let you guys know that if had access i would spoil everything at once :)

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Uh yeah totally..

Wait, One Piece is a manga about pirates?

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Vivi returns

The Bonney for nakama poster won

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No spoilers tonight (euro hours) confirmed by Redon.

Chad Redon is just trying to save y'all from yourselves. You should be on your knees thanking him.


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i fucking hate these people

Carrot joining would be 0/10 chapter

>It's one of those
Good to know I can fuck off until Friday


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I like the idea of him joining and soon after someone secretly betrays the Strawhats. Everyone thinks it’s Caribou, but it’s actually someone else.

Why? 99% of her personality was "DAMN YOU CROCODAIRU", I don't want to imagine her now

Doflamingo is related to this retard

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This but a 10/10

I checked the link, its literally Kiku porn like wtf

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Joyboy stretched Zunesha's legs

Wha happened last time we got that?

God what a faggot.

How much does Luffy shit, given all he eats?

Wouldn't he clog the toilet all the time?

You forgot one

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