Tensura > Overlord

>protagonist is edgy and evil and nobody understands him(he's actually crazy and doesn't understand himself)
>all his subordinates are edgy and evil
>makes the world he lives in and the lives of the people in it worse

>protagonist is a good person and has friends who understand him
>all his subordinates are good people
>makes the world he lives in and the lives of the people in it better

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Narutu > both

>had all his power handed to him by his guildmates
>had to start from nothing crawling around blind eating grass

>Moralfaggotry is fun and interesting

Having friends and meaningful interaction with other people is more interesting than being an edgy schizo retard.

One is a SoL comedy, the other is a boring powerwank

They're both powerwanks. One is about a nice guy with friends, the other is about an evil schizo retard.

>>all his subordinates are good people
>>makes the world he lives in and the lives of the people in it better
This comparison is stupid, because while Ainz' random bullshit works out in his favor most times, it's not on the same level as Rimuru. Rimuru is a gary stu in that, no matter what he wants to create, he always has the right people to do exactly what he wants and Ciel to auto-resolve any problem that comes up. After the events that lead to Shion's revival, he basically never has to deal with any morality issues again since he can deus ex machina the ideal outcome out of his ass no matter what it is, so his actions don't even end up morally grey, they are just objectively perfect.

Ainz would pursue the average joe idea of "I want best QoL for everyone and no evil things" just as much if it wasn't for the fact that he was reincarnated as an evil skeleton with none of the OP bullshit that Rimuru has thanks to his ultimate skill.

>Overlord isn't a show about a family having fun together
At least watch something before you comment retarded bullshit, user-kun

Overlord is about a schizo playing pretend with dolls.

>handed to him

overlord takes place in a game he spent years playing and mastering. the only reason nazarick and the stuff his guild mates left behind is even available is because he was grinding for hours every day to keep up the funding to maintain the guildbase.

user... I like Tensura better than Overlord but I don't think one is really better than the other.

The fact that you can appreciate our lord means you show promise.

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>Ainz le ebil = bad show
>Rimuru le good = good show
Does this logic apply to everything?

Yes, but I'd say the fact that Ainz is crazy and all his friends are programmed dolls makes it worse.

>mc is evil
>show is bad
Seems consistent.

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Rimuru is a faggot tranny psychopath
Even Ainz is bettet than him
Like, why is that guy wearing the skin of a dead girl?. Disgusting fag

You're leaving out the part where he got an AI to do everything for him and even had the timelines rigged in his favor so everything would turn out perfectly.

His skill = his effort.

Having his FRIENDS fix the time problem because he isn't a schizo weirdo is another point in his favour. Nobody would do that for Ainz.

Yeah, sure. If Ainz had been a little bit more friendly to people, perhaps he would have had his own time-travelling hero rig the game for him.

Ummm, because he gained the "human form" from that girl, so he looks like her? At least he HAS skin.............

Yeah, Ainz is a weirdo. No wonder he spent all his time playing video games and died passed out at his desk playing a game that nobody else cared about.....

Rimuru? He was a successful businessman in his past life, with real friends and everything, and he died a hero saving a young couple from a madman with a knife.

>Successful business man puts himself in the body of a little girl
Pedo tranny freak

That is how he is most comfortable and uses the least energy to maintain the form. At least he isn't an ugly skeleton.

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