Most overrated anime of all time

1. Kaguya-sama
2. Haruhi
3. Lycoris recoil
4. K-on
5. Lucky star
6. Oregairu
7. Monogatari series
8. Panty and stocking
9. Steins;gate
10. Kimetsu no yaiba
11. Chainsaw man

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12. evangelion
13. naruto
14. dragon ball
15. made in abyss
16. berserk

>garbage off model drawing
>isn't x popular show overrated guys
>the most normalfag list possible
Was mal down or something for you to come here

>3. Lycoris recoil
rent free

pic related should be no.1 at least on Any Forums

Most of these shows are irrelevant in 2022

All of these are shit except for Haruhi

Chainsaw Man isn't even out

Useless goddess anal impregnation

>the most normalfag list possible
Yes, that's what a list of overrated titles would look like

I haven't seen any of these

cowboy bebop

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>Lycoris recoil
>Chainsaw man
I can agree with this.

I remember konosuba used to be on these dumb lists

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I think they're pretty cool

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snk will always be the most overrated of all time

still can't forget the meltdown aot fans had from 130 onwards culminating in the 136 nuclear explosion

stfu SnKike

Based for Steins Gate, that shit is so overrated.

Isn't OP forgetting one?

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Kill yourself, tourist.