ITT post a screenshot from an animu. If anyone can guess what it's from, they win. Partial screenshots also allowed...

ITT post a screenshot from an animu. If anyone can guess what it's from, they win. Partial screenshots also allowed. Just make sure there's at least a shred of hope someone can figure it out.

Starting us off with an easy one desu

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Harder one. If no one can get this, I'll post a slight hint (bigger version of this picture)

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Here's the huge hint if you want it. Literally 1 frame beforehand. Massive bonus points if you don't use the hint.

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faggot, you used the massive hint ;-;. But yes, you're right.

I want to say Golden Boy or else maybe Ranma?


We have a winner desu

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Here's another easy one desu

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This one's a trick question desu

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one piece, 4kids lolipop edit

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correct :3

Here's one: guess the animu by the uniform desu

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Another uniform to guess

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Correct desu :3

Clannad i think

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even though im a chunni i deserve love/to date


yu gi oh, 4kids no guns allowed edit

Correct, save for that fact that you gave the shitty-ass american name

attention duellists it's yugioh

damnit, you got it.

Iv gotten all of them haha now guess this

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That's a great hentai where the guy does a girl on a haystack, right?

Legend of Lemnear. Too easy.

Hopefully I didn't make this one too easy

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Extreme difficulty

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I'm gonna go out on a limb and guess astro boy

yes good job

piccolo ko's vegeta

It's from 00's

damnit, you're right. I knew I shoulda made it harder

If anyone has a better version of this I would be happy to know where, also guess

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school days - there was a murder or death the day the epsiode with the killign was coming out so they replaced with boat.

Hopefully I didn't make this one too easy.

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lupin part 3 i think? whatever green jacket part is