Bleach Catch up Storytime Volume 38

With the return of the anime this october, it's a good idea to always have the whole work somewhat fresh in your mind going into the ending arc, and to that end I will storytime the manga (alonside some extras) until the end of fullbring, and then point out things in the adaption as it is happening, to form a better informed view of the manga, for me and (You).
Now let's volume 38: Fear For Fight
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My favourite shikai when I was like 15

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Does Iba fucking do ANYTHING?


Kubo is such a dweeb

I remember in the anime the Hisagi fight got by far the best animation in this arc for some weird reason

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I wasn't aware this motherfucker even fought

Looks cool
No, he doesn't even do that much

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No. He doesn't even have a Shikai power yet

Horny Momo

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He punches Ikkaku. That is enough.

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This guy had a cool Resurrecion. Too bad the fight is mostly shit in the manga

We saw his Shikai in SS arc shunporeader

Deep-tissue massage backrub for Lilynette.

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Yeah but he didn't use his power

I can see why Orihime fell in love.

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Sex with Nel?

600iq move right here

>I have buxism

I can't imagine Iba doing something

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Me too.

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How can anyone get invested in this fight when the ending has already been spelled out?
The bird with the super heavy feathers is fighting the guy who makes things heavier, gee I wonder how that will go

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Kira is way too cool to be fighting C-tier mooks

Yes please

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But do heavy wings fly

What makes you think it has one? Renji's doesn't. Ikkaku's doesn't. Hisagi's doesn'tretconned in novels[/spoiler] Sasakibe's doesn't, as far as we're aware. Isane's doesn't, as far as we're aware. Zaraki's doesn't. We saw his shikai.

I really wish our main character used the limitless amount of spell casting in this series.

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Forget EoS, this Ichigo doesnt exist even now.

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I mean, he's never really fought onscreen. And why wouldn't a Shikai have a power? Ikakku's at least bends and has medicinal abilities or something

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>and has medicinal abilities or something
No, that's just some shit he stuck to the end of the hilt himself. Ikkaku's Shikai just wobbles.

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Almost forgot his fight even happens, lol
This is the only time in this entire arc they fight inside the buildings. Disappointed they didn't use the environment more

>And why wouldn't a Shikai have a power?
Because we have seen that not all of them do. What does Lisa's do? Hyori? Zaraki?

>Filler fights.
The worse mistake shonenshit can make.

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whos this hisagi fella? he new?

Grimmjow pls

it really doesn't do anything but wobble? it looks kinda weak to me

You blew it Nnoitra you dumb half-brain

With how much whining there is about wasted characters you'd think people would be loving this shit.

>He doesn't know

I dunno, they never really used them

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I can't get hyped for this arc because all of the fights are long and boring except Ichigo vs Ulq.

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And what would be worst mistake?

at least they do have some shitpost potencial

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Some zanpakto are literally just power types. No ability to them outside from the shape and power they can output.
See Renji, Ikakku's etc etc.

>why only mc or his clique get something done
>why sidecharacters do anything

What IS he doing?

Being IESLB and moeshit lover irl.

His shikai is broken as fuck. Regardless of the opponent there's absolutely no reason for him to not use it immediately. This is all just a waste of time

Lisa's gets your zanpakuto cut in half
Hiyori's gets (You) cut in half
Zaraki's gets your opponent cut in half

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>be popular ensemble anime
>have whole host of characters
>develop some minor ones and give them fights

>be popular ensemble anime
>give no fights to anyone other then the main guy and his friends

You can't win with Any Forums.