ITT: Absolutely worst, most useless characters of their series

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she's not worthless, she's a good cocksleeve

That's not Mio

Kill yourselves, subhumans.

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Mugi is literally the only good keion, wtf are you smoking.

Take that back you fucking philistine

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what effect did Mugi have on the plot of Keion?

i think she had ONE episode dedicated to her. the rest of the series she is just a background character.

this is why nobody likes you and ends up leaving you


Sup Mugi?

Literally nothing happens in K-On without Mugi funding them and using her connections in general like when she got Yui's guitar discounted

There's been a mistake. That's not Azusa.

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She was the token rich girl. You know, in Japan you need to be a millionaire to go to the beach and that beach episode has to happen at some point.

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>worst keion still utterly mogs every character from every other series ever

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She is the most important character. She buys all the tea and cakes. How is After School Tea Time supposed to operate without the after school tea?

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Mugi best girl

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