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because i refuse to know the existence of the other thread
pls dump on my behalf

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danke, you're a star
It's odd to have a solid date in one of Seo's series

guess I'll dump

>because i refuse to know the existence of the other thread
what happened to the other thread? Did it die, cos I don't see it

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Granny Goku was better in black and white

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not sure if this is worth posting, but what the fuck?

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now we get to see grandma in action.
Incidentally, I wondered if we'd ever get a flashback chapter

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it's muppet time!

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a banana?

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granma Riho seems the most entertaining so far

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Granma akame's seems a bit of a bitch

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I really love the atmosphere here.

pissed already?

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I'm still holding out hope that the alts are also descended from this group

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seemed fun