One Piece

Spoilers.... never....

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what happened to Pepito guy anyways? is he a Redon bitch too?

Endgame right here, brothers

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spoilers in 5 hours

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you are so fucking sad bruh

If redon is posting spoilers today, he will do it until 11pm spain time at least, that's his usual schedule. He can't post them earlier because he's too busy sucking dick

Uta is the final nakama

Zoro is for sex.

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>what happened to Pepito guy anyways?
He's dead, Oda killed him

Where is your fav character Any Forums ?

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I believe in Carrot

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I believe in Carrot's complete lack of organs.

Post Cute and Canon

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Yes but only with best girl.

>inb4 ranked 40th

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>Not even a single spoiler beyond “DUDE ITS A 10/10” reactions

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Ok, but why did you post a picture of Tashigi instead of Perona if you're talking about best girl?

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fuck spoilers

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This chapter better be THAT good. I dunno what the fuck could “top the Gear 5 reveal”.

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Bibi is built for big frog cock


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>is a attention seeking whore
>Yamato dick rider
>incompetent as all hell
>can't just do the logical thing and post the damn spoilers
>emotional man baby
>gets BTFO by Oda in regard to Yamato staying in Wano
I fucking hate Redon so much its unreal

>Carrot wasn't in 1057 it means she's joining the crew!
>Carrot wasn't in 1058 it means she's joining the crew!
>Carrot wasn't in 1059 it means she's joining the crew!
>Carrot wasn't in 1060 it means she's joining the crew!
>Carrot wasn't in 1159 it means she's joining the crew!

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>You see Koby when you go to the sea, the most important thing in your life is gonna be booty. A man's butt. Booty, getting some booty is more important than eating food. It's more important than drinking water, more important than gathering Devil Fruits.
>If I see a man I like, I tell him like this here:
>*Looks at Koby*
>I like you, and I want you. Now, we can do this the easy way, or we can do it the hard way. The choice is yours. What's it gonna be?
>I asked you a question, Koby. I can't hear you.
>Sound like to me you want it the hard way.

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OHNONONO parallelfag lunacucks, what is this?

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This is the moment Nami started craving pregnancy

Koby Dubois kek

Captcha: XXX

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Zoro have a closer relashionship with a fucking camel than Perona.

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I saw the spoilers

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>chapter is a 10/10
>trust me guys
>leaks nothing
Are these shitters all on Odas payroll or what.

No chapter this week ?

It’s a 10/10 because I’m in the chapter

Cute and canon final crew.

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Yamato? Officially Nakama.

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I'd never realized Franky was below Merry Go. Talk about Sunny being a bad follow up, not even the carpenter can score more than the old ship.

Tread lightly in this thread, fags. Coby is not to be disturbed.

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