Ranger Reject Ch. 66

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OP died, so here are the last three pages.

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And that's the chapter.

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I just thought Wakaba was a skin Magatia was using the memories and abilities of. So he's just a deserter? Alright, we have one other corrupt ranger, we were missing those. The execution of Wakaba (as a character, not his literal execution this chapter) felt a little clumsy and lacking, however. Can't put my finger on why

Thanks for handling that for me. I had to step away for a bit to take care of something.

Thanks for the dump.

Wait a minute, bitch were you just pretending to forget?

she still knew his name even after the mindwipe, there’s no reason she couldn’t cheer for him in a fight for his life. the students all still clearly have a measure of free will within the constraints of being part of the school setting given those two that broke an anchor with a shovel. also I’m still not clear was JFC legit mindwiped and snapped out of it after D showed up or was she faking the whole time? it seems like for former in which case it’s possible usukubo was snapping out of it during this fight too, or at least got close.