Chainsaw Man

How the fuck did he become even more retarded

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Life finds a way

He's the same retard as always.

at least he doesnt spam threads

War Devil will fall in love with Denji, not Asa

Why doesn't he join a devil hunting agency if he needs money

That's what no pussy does to a mf.

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he didn't, he just seems dumber since we don't see his internal monologue anymore

What no dick does to a bitch

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>His first friend dies
>His coworkers die
>His girl friend dies
>His older bro dies
>His younger sis dies
>His idol doesn't like him and only uses him as a tool, she die too
Yeah, I wonder why he is so broken

it's like how guts was emo after the eclipse

What was the spoiler?

Power died so he was no longer affected by her IQ increasing aura

no Pawa


Tell me, Denjicels, was it worth it?

Without Aki and Makima, there's nobody to reign in his retardation.

Are we missing anyone?

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so when does Himeno's sister make an appearance

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Is Kobeni in part 2 yet? Im waiting to start until she comes to claim the denjibowl

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WHOREji canonically fucks old men for money

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Even if he's a fucking retard, he did actually grow a bit in the original manga. He was clearly not happy with Power acting like a slob, and when she was mentally broken after their little trip to hell, he was actually responsible and took care of her.
Also, what the fuck happened to that Control Demon kid? If he's taking care of her still, he sure as fuck isn't being very responsible about it.
It certainly seems he got a downgrade.

Shitji is the worst shonen protagonist

>worst shonen protagonist
Thats Deku

Anyways, enough about Evangelion