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This week's TOC

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Nice double thread, holy kek.

A whole lotta series are on break, this week.
Nice to see golden spiral,amane and romcom quest rising in the TOC

it seems Any Forums has gitched, which is very やばい。

Alright Mao this week

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Autistic Elves,Kumeta's social experiment,Last Debit Carte and Dorky Vampires will be back next week

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When will the new series start?

Tankobon releases for this week.

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I think around 45-47 we will see a new axebowl/new series output, but that's a prediction.
I wonder what Sunday S series will be kicked downstairs to weekly sunday since we had not had one for ages.

Mikadono siblings soon.

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since the dust has settled and the Vol1s are out
what's your thoughts on the current axebowl/new seriesbowl(Golden Spiral,Volley Volley,RomCom Quest and Morisaki Amane_?

They're starting next week. First up is Akatsuki Jihen, which seems to revolve around a clan of shamans that fight magical beasts. The protagonist's little sister has been imprisoned due to having no powers, and I guess the protagonist is going to cause some kind of revolution in the clan because of this.

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I'm nearly there, I almost have the power, I can save Golden Spiral.

Probably 2 or 3 new series to replace kakeau,ogabebe and airidane,i'd guess

Five, actually.

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Got others from other magazines?

Check the publisher websites or filter book stores by label.
Some magazines also include an overview over all new publications.

Will do that, thanks. Have a good day

RIP to the series that will have to make way
This batch seems to be all newbies which is good.


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what a fall from grace considering the author's previous works

I like Golden Spiral, it's feels like a pretty standard battle shonen in some ways, but the characters are very entertaining. Romcom Quest and Morisaki are fine too, although I don't read them that thoroughly compared to other series.

What else is going to go?
Typhoon Relief should finish soon based on the sales.

I think Romcom Quest doesn't feel enough like a Romcom.

Akasuki Jihen has been hinted since may!
>Typhoon Relief should finish soon based on the sales.
Either that or Volley Volley but I can see Volley Volley lasting another cycle

I love how series like Golden Spiral really lets the author's creativity go wild. Like seeing this madman bleed from his finger to cheat in a coin toss game. It's been a while since something excited me as much.

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