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it's his fucking time now!

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Reminder that Luffy wanted Yamato to join and you can never change that.

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literally nobody cares
we are going to new adventure and yamato is not gonna be there
you lost

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Endgame right here, brothers

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mutts are up, aren't they? so where are the fucking spoilers

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What brought out the yamacope this week? Some leaker says the word barrel and they all start shitting themselves, why?

>post Sanji's dialogue
>claim it's Luffy's
Why are Yamatrannies like this?

Oda may have forgotten her, but I never will.

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Gaimon tier

Save us Drumz

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Does the truth piss you off this much?

drumz is a liar

i already told you the truth
she's on wano, and SH CREW is going on new adventures

cope how much you want, i don't care, faggot

>thinking Oda has forgotten her
Do you really believe that?

He trolled us, he said it on Twitter, fuck leakers
So what was this about?

Luffy also wanted a talking tree to join. Does that makes that tree special?

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be happy that furries get BTFO again and again

I am agreeing though. He wanted her to join just like Gaimon.

Nah, and a reminder to this thread to tell Rodent to fuck off by grabbing everyone in the spoiler community by the balls.

>Mihawk: this will be fun
>Starts packing
>Let show them why we are called warlords
> I want to run away to Luffy
Seeem Weevil would be too stupid to run, but the SSG need a win to be taken seriously

Shitmato? NEVER setting a single paw on the Sunny.

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>citing a gag
Desperate. Luffy wasn’t upset about the tree either. Not was he upset about Gaimon’s decision, Zeff’s decision, or even Kin’s legs. He was however upset about Yamato’s and it took convincing on Yamato’s part to cheer him up.


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Carrotkeks malding that they actually have to cope another week + the usual bitches whining about Yamatroons and some fag lying about what actually happened in the manga to continue his shitty Jinbe meme.

>Drumz said he was being sarcastic about the chapter being good

You're not going to make me hate Jinbe, cuck.

Believe in Pedro

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>next poster is a faggot

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No I asked what brought out the yamacope, not your seething about carrot.

>yamato and carrot are done
>now these two queens remains

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Oda even damage controlled on Yamato but didn’t care enough to give Carrot a goodbye. He definitely doesn’t care about her.

no u

There's nothing wrong with that. Anyone mad about Yamato being someone Luffy wants to travel with needs to kill themselves, because they're obviously high on something strong.

>kuzan appears
>bonney appears
>someone unpopular died
>no carrot
>no vegapunk reveal

>10/10 rating
Another muh bounties chapter?

>dude next chapter is so epic and awesome trust us
>Why? Well it just is okay... it's totally 10/10 full of happenings... no we won't hint at what it is because we just won't o-okay?

Tama WON

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No matter how much you cope Jinbei is in and they're not, you cannot conflate them furry troon

That's so strange, she's a rabbit and she was in the hug.

No one cares about your deviantart OC as a character Oda, they just like her tits and no amount of forcing her will ever change that.

I'm happy with either
Fuck the furrytrannies

stop replying to yourself mobilenig

You mean the hug that predated Yamato? Why wasn’t she included in the other Straw Hat double spreadv

Source about Bonney thing

Really, nigger?

If the truth upsets you this much you should drop One Piece faggot.

his ass

Post Cute and Canon

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Is any of this besides the Carrot thing confirmed?

Post more Law Ssg

moria confirmed dead?
nice, maybe perona will go with crossguild

>Why wasn’t she included in the other Straw Hat double spreadv
Wasn't an official member.
Franky was missing in the Enies Lobby lineup.

why reply if you don't care?