I love this wife-mother fox like you wouldn't believe

I love this wife-mother fox like you wouldn't believe.

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Cheers user

I don't know why I only watched half of it.

Will she get NTR'd?

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Daily reminder that she loves your ancestors, not you.

Part of being a mother means eventually letting your son go. She should have gone all in on the wife part and let him fluff her muff.

Poor Senko. The manga was doomed to head this way, but still.

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Is that Liru game still being updated?

part 2 is never coming out.

i think i recognize this

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Love foxes, simple as.

I hopeso

She should have encouraged him more instead of waiting to see if he would ask.

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Do you?
Fuck NO!

Is there something more cucked than having a son?

She's the better of the two, but Shirou is the better dresser and Senko needs to take notes.

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So Senko doesn't actually win?
That's pretty depressing stuff shouldn't Any Forums be reeeeing about this more?

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There's been like 3 threads a day when the chapter revealing the twist dropped, it's just that most people probably kms'd themselves after reading it so the threads died quickly. Also there was no real discussion because everybody agreed it was fucked up.
It's not concluded yet, but it's fucked up either way that we got here

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She gets to watch Nakano marry some random other character and then go spend the rest of her life alone.