Hottest girl in a romance manga isn’t the main love interest

>Hottest girl in a romance manga isn’t the main love interest
Every. Fucking. Time.

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Marin is 100 times hotter than her.

lurk more

>no tits
>no ass
>”Best girl”

Why are you posting a pic of the sister of the hottest girl in the romance manga you mentioned?

>Hottest girl
But that's not her sister.

>no tits
>no ass


Flat girls are perfection

seriously, how can you beat this

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They're there for plot purposes

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More specifically, it's
>Hottest girl is the villainess

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hummuna hummuna hummuna booba

A girl like that wouldn’t be interested in the creeps who actually find her attractive. She would want a 6’2 gigachad.

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just who do you think youre talking to

Lord, a fully grown Shinju in heels could be well over 190 cm. She is too strong to be allowed

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why do you think your headcanon version of 'gigachad' doesn't want to fuck prime petite pussy?

perfect height to be able to stuff your face in her boobs

Girl from my cunt who looks like a literal lawyer loli got memed into popularity by weebs and her bf turned out to be literally good at everything gigachad, leader of like 5 different college organizations and all 4 gpa.

JewJew doesn't hold a candle to her little sister's tig bitties much less Marin.

but small chests are superior so idk what youre even talking about

I want a Juju spinoff

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if they're so superior why did Juju feel so inadequate to cosplay as Black Lobelia

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