Am impressive height of 180 cm

>am impressive height of 180 cm
>180 cm

but that's just 5'9"?
what's going on here?

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He's still a teen

183 cm is 6 foot

>According to Japan's National health and Nutrition Survey, the average height was still only 160.3cm (5'2ā€) for men and 148.9cm (4'9ā€) for women
In the land of midgets, the manlet reigns king.

It's like 5'11.
That's taller than the average in the west, and gigachad status in Asia.

180 cm is 5'11'' which is above average height in the west too

He would be above average even here, so no.

Can you be too careful?

No, but you can be too funny. This show has practically ruined all other comedies since they fail to measure up. Our only hope is currently Eminence next season.

You mean 5.9"? Murrifat don't even know their own measurement system

180 cm is the golden standard in the civilized world
if you didnt use faggot measurements you would understand that

So has your superior height gotten you a gf yet, Any Forums?

kek, amerifat OP thinks feet and inches and feet and decimals are interchangeable.

No because I was born ugly and socially retarded and iā€™m not 5ā€™9

I can't really think of anything that is 180 cruise missiles long, seems rather ridiculous honestly.

learn your own fucking imperial system you dumb cunt

Nah even in East Asian countries it would be seen as above average but not tall for men. If it's a woman, then yeah it would be seen as very tall anywhere.

Actually yes. I'm 6' and for a SEAmonkey that's huge

American education

Bro I'm 181cm and I can tell you that's BS.

I really wonder what goes on in american classrooms. The sheer number of people who have no idea what decimals are seems massive.

i'll take statistics over your incel sperging

>watch a naughty slapstick comedy anime
>suddenly grimdark edge and drama in the last few episodes

Still a better love story than ... well anything else I can think of really.

It's called a twist

I only came for the boobs
Wasn't disappointed

What's wrong with American "women"? Tinder has given an entire generation of men body dysmorphia.