As a God, how would you create your isekai world?

As a God, how would you create your isekai world?

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Moss. lots ands lots of moss.

Fill it with nothing but busty women, who are easily impregnated by (me) and they stop aging after 21.

comfy forests. comfy mountain ranges. comfy wastelands like in Iken Senki: Verndio.

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also Slimes would be at the top of the list of Apex Predators next to Dragons

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Only humans, not even any monsters or dragons.

why would you create another shithole like Earth

You would still have magic obviously, and it wouldn't be a shithole because there would only be white people since it's a european setting.

is that gookmoot

He's everywhere.

Medieval Europe was the definition of a shithole


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And yet everyone wants to escape there, but by all means keep coping.

Okay, Any Forums. I talked about the isekai assassin series last thread, but now I’m curious.

What’s that one series for you that has good art or an interesting concept that carries the whole series because the rest of it is so aggressively mediocre?

just lots of rape
women rape women
men rape men
men rape women
women rape men

Lately I've been thinking If I were God I'd make the land filled with mushrooms that spew a white non-toxic liquid when stroked and make it taste good or something.

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>And yet everyone wants to escape there
If you want to get isekaied to the era of mass plagues in euroscum cities, be our guest.

Spirit Chronicles was really shit, but the steal your wife scene saved it.

>men rape men
only traps

>but by all means keep coping
Well at least you know how to follow instructions, stay mad nigger.

especially traps

No, only

That's the spirit. It's not rape if you want it

The average femboy MC might as well be made into several native muscular men's plaything

Lloyd manga is generic as shit story wise, but art carries it so hard it doesn't matter anymore.

Because Japan has legitmately 0 historical knowledge outside of their own Country's history and base their understanding of Middle Ages Europe from movies like LotR.
I mean shit if you went up a Japanese person and said 'Hey, how the Titanic' 'Oh I love that movie' and you point out it was a real event they'd go 'EEEHHHHH!?'

*how about

>they just want to have blonde hair and blue eyes
No they know exactly what they are doing.

Ah, you're the Scandinavian larper, explains a lot. Enjoy your backwater.

Oh cool a schizo post.

I think people just want world with magic and you're both fucking retarded for assosiating it with middle ages.

>responds in less than 30 seconds
and you're calling others schizos

>you're retarded

A world made of huge islands with infinite resources and each island have and specific kind of girl.

The loli island, the huge tits island, the fairy island, the trap island...

This faggot had to kneel to vtubers and create a board for them shortly after stating the vtuber fever would die in a matter of months. He ain't no god.

Is the little schizo going to cry?

Kicker is that /jp/ is still allowed to be infested with /vt/shit despite the board being made, so they have two boards.

fuckoff and make your own world

shit bait thread


Is a thread that is guaranteed to hit bump limit really shit?

>after stating the vtuber fever would die in a matter of months
yet /vt/ is still one of the fastest boards on the site. they worship gookmoot

Make a real thread without the retards

How am I supposed to make a thread that doesn't allow anyone from 4 chan to post in it?