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>uwaaaaaaaaaaah! I'm in bed with Aoyama-kun!

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Hey merch

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New chibi clip
Zakuro is perfect bros...

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Who's your OTP? Ichigo with Aoyama-kun or Kisshu?

Shirogane and his harem.


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Why did the recent concert have such poor attendance?

Kek, they can't catch a break.

Poor girls.

What was the attendance?

I don't know the exact number but there was a pic where their venue was small yet it wasn't even fill it.

Zakuro hair

Found the picture.

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Unless my eyes deceive me, attendees are sitting in anti-covid pattern of 101.

That was way back during the pandemic

Yeah, the pic is even from November last year. Nips are still going pandemic protocol I think

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Are there any more recent pics?

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What's going on here? Less restrictions or PreCure's group is that just more popular?

Not from concerts. Tho after last episode comes out they are supposed to perform the ED (they performed OP after the premiere of the season)

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You mean they held a concert where they sang just one song?

Precure has strong brand recognition and the most popular VA in the industry

The VAs of Tokyo Mew Mew New are all newcomers and have no fan base.

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