Good night pun pun

Just read "Good night pun pun" and it was a very tough emotional roller coaster. I will be grateful if you share your experience with this manga and the works of other authors, which caused you a whole storm of opposite emotions

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I really don't understand this one at all, read the first two volumes and dropped

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Yeah it's good shit. Pretty miserable, but it's more enjoyable if you read interviews with the author. It was sort of him rebelling against becoming a feelgood author after Solanin.

The first part captures boyhood in a fantastic and sweet way I relate to a lot since I was not raised in a perfect environment
I dont know if it was a genius idea or a dumb one to speedrun Punpun's highshool years but it was a very fun way to give the middle finger to jap fetishism of those years
The last part is the weakest one imo, I honestly cant take Punpun or Aiko seriously, I guess its part of the plot to have them not behave like humans

Part of that chunk is very human. When they meet up again for the first time hit me pretty hard where they're both just pretending to be happy and normal.

People on this board will shit on you for liking Punpun but I feel like it's a pretty accurate depiction of growing up. The last half is a little stupid with how badly everything goes to shit at once but I would be lying if I said I didn't find him relatable.

Yeah what is with Any Forums's hate of this? I was reading it at the same time as Any Forums and everyone enjoyed it. I somehow missed when sentiment shifted.

There's nothing much wrong with liking pun pun but for the love of god don't translate the name when you're trying to talk about it here.
Also this is a rec thread.

It got to be too much at the end, I kind of checked out at the eye gouging part.

Also, having punpun and his family appear as shitty cartoon birds was a dumb gimmick that didn't add anything to the story.

It was only good when he was still a kid. When he got older I had to try and give a shit about his mother and uncle and their drama, and everything was just trying too hard to remind you that life is a piece of shit, yeah no shit, I know that already. And it's just not worth reading.

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why is he a dicklet?

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Forced emotional manipulating story


It tries too hard to be depressing. Only people who've never read anything like it before will have "a revelation!" or some dumb emotional attachment to it, but for me it was "yeah that's true I guess." I got more comedic value from it more than anything
also Aiko sex was hot

It's forced manipulative shit for newfrens desu. Simply read more.

Punpun and Bokurano are two manga that left me with a really shitty feeling. Punpuns child years were so bittersweet, making me relate to him and feel connected, and then he turns into such a piece of shit as a teen. I think ending up with that insecure roastie is a fitting punishment for him and I hope he had a miserable life.

I guess you haven't read a lot of manga then.

It's a very good manga user. If you want to read similar stuff, check out Flowers of Evil. That one also has an anime adaptation but it's shit.
I'm not familiar with Any Forums, but the same thing happens in Any Forums. Once an album is loved by everyone for a while, contrarians and newfags start to appear and it makes it look like the whole board hates it. Just go there and mention ITAOTS, Loveless or Radiohead in general. A lot of this starts to appear too. And while it might be true that you're only getting into manga, the reason people act like that is because part of their ego is reading a lot of manga, and they look down on those who don't to justify to themselves not having an actual hobby or personality.

>doesn't know how to properly link rules
That could apply to you as well, man.

Happens with everything on Any Forums. Movies, video games, politics, anything. As soon as it's popular, it's bad.

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