Is this really a proper advertisement for your anime?

Is this really a proper advertisement for your anime?

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I thought prisma illya was actually about Shirou being all heroic and stuff.

Is OP a faggot?


I don't know why but while Illya and Kuro do almost nothing for me, Miyu makes my duck unbearably hard.

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3rei was a mistake.

I love young girls in lingerie.
They turn my soft 5-incher into a hard 7-incher.

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Realize this fact, fully grown men cum to this.
me included.

there's a new anime coming?

Damn I wish I have a duck that can go hard.

Very proper

Why are their breast so large. They're only 11.

Violent rape with strangulation and ryona, it has to hurt her
Let her do all the work while I lay on my back
Rape with ryona, but not as painful as with Illya

R8 my t8ste senpais

My 11yo sister has bigger breasts than them and I'm not LARPing.

Oh yeah pro-
Nice try FBI.

Not today CIA

Yes, I know what I'm going to be jerking off to in the future now.

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Sex sells. What else is new faggot

Who cares about 3DPD.
>Haha FBI so funney XD
Kill yourselves, redditors


>Who cares about 3DPD
>Haha FBI so funney XD
This is the first time I've seen an ironic lolicon that dislikes the FBI meme.

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I've had a slightly chubby 5'10 tall girl walk into my office and I assumed she was about 16 considering her enormous chest and waist. Her papers read that she was 13 since a month ago. They are out there.
source: nurse (male) doing spirometry etc.
>inb4 nice try letter boy
>inb4 living the life
You sicken me. I'm on a strict MILF-GILF diet.

Is that 40hara's art? Looks like it.

They are 10 you sick fuck

my god they're so fucking shameless with advertising this series. have they done everything short of sex scenes by now

>not raping them all violently

>raping Kuro
Literally impossible

Not into hebe hags

11 actually