One Piece

No spoilers this week

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It’s over, Carrot won

Still coping?

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But she's back on Zou, how is this a win?

Is there any way to save the community from the attentionwhoring leakers?

Posts that won’t age well


Redon is holding all the leakers by the balls so no

Nakama fagging is very similar to how smashpedos had the game live in their head rent free for 3 years

Fuck, sheer the panic behind these posts.

Bowler Hat is alive and on the Sunny.

What of drumz said 10/10 chapter because of the 10 titanic captains?

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Who are you talking to?

Drumz and Un-amed confirmed she's in it.

Out of the way, canon couple coming through.

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How so? And whats with tcb kneeling towards the arabs? How do they get the leaks first?

>Drumz and Un-named

You remind me of yamatroons before they got eternally BTFO

ohh i cant fucking wait

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You and your massive coping.

We dont know shit. They may as well be trolling, joking. Drumz deletec both his tweet deconfirming carrot and his barrel coment on WG

If he did it on redon's request then it means it was all true and the barrel coment is much more ambiguous

Free my nigga

Please, stop projecting.

I'm not using their stupid tranny buzzwords and I wouldn't be this comfortable had she already been said she's not in it like she usually was by Saturday-Sunday.

Is it possible to take down Redon?

Carrotfags will off themselves after today just like troons did

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Tell me why you think she's back at Zou? You must've ignored that inconclusive page.

Redon is part of the cabal, so no.

Both are leakers. And Drumz is on the scanlation team.

Bonney is cute!

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Yamato is just as much Straw Hat as Vivy
Carrot is a literal who

I don't think she's back on Zou. Personally I think she reformed the Nox Pirates with Wanda and Shishilian.

He's done user.

user, carrofags lost hope long ago. Now they are just having fun.
If carrot join they win, if she doesn't the situation stays the same.

Best girls and Uta

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He answered the barrel one seriously and from a Carrot fan.
Un-amed trolled but then said he's out but that Carrot is in it that's the funny thing.

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ugly bitches

>I think she reformed the Nox Pirates with Wanda and Shishilian.
That's fucking trash. That wasn't her crew, she's better off ruling than being some non-Straw Hat Pirate.

>bro he answered seriously
Holy newfag.

He will pull of a Shiki. Rip off his hands and feet and create string limbs similar to how Hisoka recreated his hand and foot with his power.

>on a serious note
I'll take this over some rando tourist calling me a newfag.

She is carrying Pedro's will and she is gonna rule over the minks anyways.

You're the only tourist here if you still believe anyone's word over Redon or EtenBoby. I can tell you how many times Drumz responded "seriously" only to be troll again because he is that much of a faggot like any leaker.

Shut the fuck up faggot, you are not tricking anybody. you act cocky and then you are like "but we lost hope already" so after its confirmed she's out you will comw and say
>uhh it must have been yamatofags falseflagging as carrotbros! we always knew she would not join!

you are even worse than yamatroons, off yourself


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Volumes 87-89 are my favorites.