Post anime you really like but Any Forums shits all over

Post anime you really like but Any Forums shits all over

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Bait thread but I'll bite

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Woah is this fanamde? An anime? About tsukihime? No way.

Who the fuck shits over 91 Days? It was pretty liked when it aired, just not super popular.

It was ok, fuck off

I've posted it before on here and it got nearly as much hate as my Daggerfall threads on the vidja boards

the joke isn't funny but it really wasn't good

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I'm so sorry user, but that's hilarious. It's actually one of my favorite series, too, but it seems like such a weird show to hate. It's one of those objective 7/10s, you know?

You may be the problem then. Cuz that show isn't really that hated or liked here afaik.

Ok lil buddy


Joker Game, but I understand why people disliked it.

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I remember dropping this when it went from semi realistic mafia story from having a super powered mexican werewolf in one episode

Many of the shows I liked fall into this category, among the ones that stand out to me include Vividred Operation, Dog & Scissors and most recently Sigrdrifa (although I feel like it got more ignored than outright hated).

Eh... I remember getting invested into it and it just kind of petering out pretty fast. I don't think they were anywhere near close to reaching the kinos of Mafia fiction.

Why didn't people like it? This show was great.

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watched it recently for the first time, not as good as I had hoped.. characters were kind of stupid but I'm a sucker for gangs/mafia

You sound like you're just a shitty newfag OP kid.

Any Forums fucking loved it when it was airing.
It just had a silly ending that people memed to death.

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