Kengan Asura / Omega

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>went all in on sawcoin and it paid off
>went all in on rihitocoin and it paid off
Do I go all in on Adamcoin?

Lolong should have been taller.

>180 cm

That's a big guy for nips

"lolong was based off the real world fighter from the Phillipines, Nonito Donaire. I still have his fight with Inoue Naoya burned in my mind"

fuck you sandro

fuck you

>Where Ohma would instantly beat Lolong

So it was fucked from the start, good to know

I recall seeing a picture floating around in older threads of women from the Japanese volleyball team competing with a team from western Europe, they were literally half the size of their opponents. With the local sumo scene's Mongolian wrestlers, I think fighting manga authors now have a better picture of how large people can grow.
It makes me wonder if the anticlimactic heights and weights of many a seemingly-large manga character in more recent works result more from writers trying to be conservative in terms of stats in order to make them seem "realistic" combined with the fact that scale and perspective are incredibly hard to convey in art. Even in Kengan, Julius is consistently depicted as towering over Akoya and Agito even though he's only a few centimetres taller.
Makes me wish they would go crazier with the sizes.

>I was thinking of a scenario where Ohma would instantly beat Lolong
Holy kek

What are they jammin to?

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glad we got this premonition stuff instead. Ohma winning would have been retarded

>almost Caucasian looking man
What the fuck did sandwich mean by this?
Lolong is straight up anime caucasian, no ifs, and, or buts.
Saw and Gaolang at least somewhat look like seanigs.

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Lolong Donaire? More like Solong Dumbass!

>Dislikes: Arrogance
That's rich coming from mister "with me backing up the rear there's no way we can lose"

>I was thinking a scenario where Ohma would instantly beat Lolong
So it was always fucked.
>I always envisioned that Misasa's silat is slightly more flowing and softer, while Lolong's silat is hard and formulaic
So why didn't you actually portray this, you fucking hack?
Also in that case, how the fuck did Chiba fuse it with formless.

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We're still in the premonition.

Lolong is a Chinese-Filipino.

you are right but I don't want it to ends up with absurd bodies like one piece

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What did he mean by this?

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He probably means the smug chad looking proto Lolong draft who somehow looked even more caucasian.

hold on isn't this literally that one gif of agito and lu tian dancing