Shine Post

>Haru Nabatame
>Yawara Naekawa
>Ren Kurogane
>Aoba Karabayashi
>Itoha Karabayashi
>Nanoka Hiumi

>Tamaki Kyouka
>Itou Momiji
>Nabatame Haru
>Gionji Yukine
>Seibu Rio

What did Konami, Rakuda, and Studio Kai mean by this?

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We all love Haru here

That's very nice Yukine.
It's the Birthday of our High-Maintenance Absolute Idol GF.

Say something nice about her.

>Say something nice about her.
I masturbated to her today.


No, an actual photo of hers that I found on Twitter.

Colouring error.

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Absolute Idol

Absolute Drummer

Absolute Wife.

What's wrong here?

How many times do you think has Naoki inserted his ting (or his shine post if you prefer) inside Hotaru?

She's talented

What's the point of the other groups when they barely even appear?

Kyouka's white pantsu

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Kyouka knows what she is doing. She wants Tokka-san to have a peek.

Do you think Naoki got a peek at some point?


Why not?

Can’t believe there hasn’t been any Sincos art of Rio-sama. Seems like she would’ve been right up his alley.

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>Seems like she would’ve been right up his alley.
How so?

Easily bullyable into pleasing ugly bastards.

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